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Time:2014/07/30 10:53

Hotoupi Cricket Fighting Festival

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Hotoupi Cricket Fighting Festival 6/1-8/31

Every year in August the Hutoupi Cricket Fighting Festival is held. This festival has become known as “the bug Olympics,” and was even the subject of a report by American broadcaster ABC. Not only does the festival offer the chance to enjoy the interesting spectacle of fighting crickets, it also provides an opportunity to take in the beautiful, poetic atmosphere of Taiwan’s oldest reservoir, Hutoupi Reservoir. Traveling on the tranquil lake, you can enjoy the romantic sounds of music from the lakeside and the spectacular mountain forests. The rich environment in Hutoupi offers a variety of natural sights and cultural activities, offering an experience hard to top in terms of both culture and nature. If you have time, visit Sinhua Old Street and see the Japanese-era town office, which the people of Sinhua have banded together to relocate and rescue, the traditional old homesteads, and the “indomitable rose” that is the Yang Kui Literary Memorial Hall, or listen to tales of local hero Su Youjhi and his courageous resistance against occupying Japanese forces. All of these will help you create a life-long summer memory.

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