Q1: When does the Siraya National Scenic Area establish?

The Siraya Natioal Scenic Area is established on Nov. 26, 2005.

Q2: What is the unique geologic landscape in the Siraya National Scenic Area?

The unique gray-rock and geothermal terrain of Moon World, hot Spring.

Q3: What are there reservoirs in the Siraya National Scenic Area?

Zengwun Reservoir, Jianshanbi Reservoir, Wuhantou Reservoir, Hutoubi Reservoi, Baihe Reservoir, Luliao Reservoir.

Q4: What is the most unique cultural resource of the national scenic area?

Sirays culture, the Night Sacrifice, the public building of the plains tribes etc.

Q5: What is the most important festival activities of the national scenic area?

Zouzhen Chalk Festival, Baihe Lotus Festival, Danei Zoumalai Pasture Festival, Danei Avocado Festival, Xinhua Sweet Potato Festival, Guantien Water Chestnut Festival, Yujing Mango Festival, Dongshan Longan Festival, Liuying Milk Festival