Baihe ReservoirBaihe Reservoir

Baihe Reservoir is located on the east side of Baihe Dist., and faces both the northern and southern parts of the Guanziling Scenic Area. It is on the same tourist route as Guanziling, and most tourists will visit both these places on the same journey.

The reservoir was built in 1965, and provides irrigation, flood prevention, water related industries, natural water supply and tourism. It also provides a spectacular flood discharging scene. It is truly a multi-purpose reservoir.

The reservoir lake spans 170 hectares, and there are two small islands in the middle, of a height of below 160 meters. Depending on the raising and lowering of the water levels, the small islands are not always visible. When the water level is low, a boat can be rowed to the islands. Looking into the distance, one can see many blue waves.

On the left side of the lake is a small hill with a flat terrain, densely shaded, and suitable for picnics, camping and other recreational activities. Nearby are a flower nursery, car park and shady woods, suitable for hiking and taking in the cool air.

Phone 886-6-6852116
Attractions Address No. 1-18 Siancao Village, Baihe Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours Daily open AM08:00~PM18:00
*Public transportation:
(1)Train:Exit the train at Sinying Railway Station, and take the Sinying Transport Company bus to Guanziling.
(2)Bus: From Sinying and Baihe, take the Sinying or Chiayi Transport Company bus going to Guanziling, and exit at the Baihe Reservoir Bus Stop.
*By Car:
(1) From the 2nd Southern Highway, exit at the Baihe Interchange, and then proceed along City Highway No. 172 towards Guanziling. The reservoir is about 2 kilometers down the highway.
(2) Exit at the Sinying Interchange, and then proceed along Fusing Road towards Sinying Town. Go past Sinying to Baihe, taking City Highway No. 172. The reservoir is about 600 meters to the left of the signpost.
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