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Picnic by the Big Buddha

Working with Karma Kagyu Monastery, the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration will soon hold a special event called “Picnic by the Big Buddha. All visitors are cordially invited to enjoy a carefree “Buddha-style” picnic, savoring tea and coffee on a lush green meadow. Dazzling magic shows will be held in front of the six-meter gigantic Buddha statue, and at night, yoga classes led by certified yoga instructors will be held. This is of course the place for taking impressive selfies. Want to have fun? Come to Siraya!

Taking pride in its beautiful Buddhist buildings and handicrafts, Karma Kagyu Monastery is home to a wide range of awe-inspiring colorful murals, thang-kas, colored crafts, and statues.

In recent years, many people love to go picnic on weekends, after five hectic days at work. There are many places suitable for picnicking in Siraya, and at Karma Kagyu Monastery, other than a spacious meadow and fine landscaping, temple buildings which bring the most beautiful Tibetan and Han Chinese architectural elements together can be easily appreciated. No matter you want to enjoy food and fun, or take photos for your social media accounts, a picnic in Siraya is your best choice!

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