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Wushan Taiwan Macaque Natural Reserve Wushan Taiwan Macaque Natural Reserve

Wushan is also known as Wufonshan (Five-Peak Mountain). It is located on the borders of Nanhua Dist. in Tainan City and Neimen in Kaohsiung City.

On this mountain area, located behind Zihjhu Temple, over 200 macaque monkeys can be seen perching and swinging around the Wushan Forest.

The locals call this place "Houzihshan" (Monkey Mountain). This area also has other abundant ecological resources, including many kinds of wild birds, insects, and mammals. The tourists can see many different kinds of natural ecology here. 

Wushan Taiwan Macaque Natural ReserveWushan Taiwan Macaque Natural Reserve
Nanhua Dist., Tainan City
Opening hours
Daily open
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    From the front of Tainan Railway Station, take the Tainan Transport Company bus to Nanhua. Then take a taxi or walk 3 kilometers up the mountain.

    By Car:

    Exit the 2nd Southern Highway at the Sinhua End of the Tainan Branch Route, and take City Road No. 20 towards Zuozhen. Continue on Provincial Road No. 20 Yi going toward Nanhua, and turn right onto Provincial Road No. 3. Enter the mountain at the Jinmaliao entrance, or take the footpath going to Zihjhu Temple, and climb the mountain using the footpath behind the temple. It is about 21 kilometers from the interchange to Zihjhu Temple.

Last updated:2019 / 12 / 31