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Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic House Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic House

The Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic House is located between Tainan, Yujing and Nansi. It is generally acknowledged to be the largest and most well-preserved traditional Fukien style farming village.

The area covers 3.5 hectares, and includes 200 year-old mud-cornered houses and bamboo-weaved houses, as well as red-brick houses and washed-pebbles houses dating back to the Japanese occupation.

It epitomizes Taiwan's architectural changes over the past 300 years. Of especial interest are the ten or so buildings that form a single living compound, preserving the cultural history of the Song-Jiang Battle Array.

The whole village is under office management, and the construction of tall buildings is strictly forbidden here. The Jiang family descendants have increased in number, and from the start, have always maintained a traditional agricultural society family structure. The entire village is full of historic and cultural significance.

One could say that it is a live village museum. Currently the Jiang Family Historic House includes over 20 households. The more than 130 houses reflect many different architectural styles, including mud-cornered houses, brick houses, iron-sheet houses, concrete houses, and bamboo-weaved houses.

Some houses have been renovated, and while some are more recent, they are outnumbered by those that have over 100 years of history.

In front of the houses is a moon-shaped lotus-pond, preserving a style that dates back over 200 years. In the past, it provided essential water storage for the farming families. 

Lutaoyang Jiang Family Historic HouseLutaoyang Jiang Family Historic House
Lutian Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan City (by Tai Route 3).
Opening hours
Daily open
The Lutaoyang Jiang Family Society for the Promotion of Culture provides tour guide services for groups.
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    (1)Exit the Sun Yat Sen Highway at the Yongkang Interchange. Go south on Road 177 Jia, and connect to Tai Provincial Road 20 going towards Sinhua.

    (2) Exit the National Highway 3 at the Guantian System, and turn onto Tai Route 84. Exit at the Yujing End, and follow Tai Route 3 in a northerly direction. Turn right at Lutian Police Station to enter the village.

  • What to eat
    Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Phone : 886-6-5750035
    • Address : No. 6, Mijhih Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan City
    • Website : Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Other : Signature Dishes:Fruit Dishes, Black Chicken
  • Where to live
    Tseng-wen House Fconomic Hostee
    • Phone : 06-5755782
    • Address : No.258,260, Minzu Rd., Nansi District, Tainan City 715, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Last updated:2020 / 05 / 15