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Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

Zengwen Reservoir is the largest reservoir and the largest manmade lake in Taiwan. It is also the largest scenic area in southern Taiwan. It is situated in the upper reaches of the Zengwen River, on the borders of Tainan City and Chiayi County. Its main purpose is to regulate and utilize the water resources from the Zengwen River to improve the water productivity of the Jianan area.

The mists and ripples of the lake, and the reflection of the mountain scenery on the lake, create a majestic and beautiful landscape. Standing by the lake, one can feel both relaxed and refreshed. With its magnificent resources, unmatched in southern Taiwan, this broad, extensive scenic area has great potential for tourism development. Ten recreational activity centers have been built, including an administrative center, a waterside amusement area, a papaya garden hotel area, a large dam landscape area, and lakeside villas. 

Zengwen Reservoir Scenic AreaZengwen Reservoir Scenic Area
No. 70, Mijhih Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan City.
Opening hours
  • How to go
    Public transportation:

    Singnan Transport Company bus: Tainan → Yongkang → Sinshih → Zoujhen → Yujing → Nansi → Zengwen Reservoir. For enquiries
    Telephone : 886-6-2206382

    By Car:

    (1)Sinying Interchange → Gueizihgang →Lioujia → County Road No. 174 →Zengwen Reservoir

    (2)Yongkang Interchange → Sinshih → County Road No. 177 → Sinhua → Tai Route 20 → Zoujhen → Tai Route 20 → Yujing → Tai Route 20 → Nansi County Road No. 174 → Zengwen Reservoir

    (3)National Highway No. 3 (2nd Southern Highway): Exit at the Wushantou Interchange, and drive towards Lioujia. Take County Road No. 174 to Zengwen Reservoir.

  • What to eat
    Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Phone : 886-6-5750035
    • Address : No. 6, Mijhih Vil., Nansi Dist., Tainan City
    • Website : Mijhih Fruit Farmers’ Home
    • Other : Signature Dishes:Fruit Dishes, Black Chicken
  • Where to live
    Tseng-wen House Fconomic Hostee
    • Phone : 06-5755782
    • Address : No.258,260, Minzu Rd., Nansi District, Tainan City 715, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Dapu


    Chiayi County-Dapu Township
  • Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

    Zengwen Reservoir Scenic Area

    Tainan City-Nansi District
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