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Mud Springs-Guanziling Mud Springs-Guanziling


Guanziling Hot Spring

The Ganziling Hot Spring, rich in sodium hydrogen carbonate, is a rare mud spring of Taiwan. It is also called “the black spring” because its water looks grey and dark. Hotels are many in Guanziling, and they all are unique. The best way to take a hot spring bath here is to apply the mud to all over your body. Let it sit for a while and wash it off. After that, you’ll become a “black beauty!”

Guanziling Hot Spring

Travel Tips

  • Linding Information Center
    Located inside the Dacheng Hall, Lingding Park, Guanziling, this info center has free bathrobes, wheel chairs and umbrellas which visitors can borrow for free. Tourist brochures and flyers are available free of charge, too. Its outdoor square and heart-shaped installation are loved by photo-takers.
  • Guanziling Walking Tour Reservation
    Contact administrative head of the Tainan City Hot Spring Association at 
Last updated:2019 / 12 / 31