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Nanliao Cycling Station Nanliao Cycling Station

From Guanziling, along Coffee Highway 175, green-skinned Chinese honey orange trees remind visitors of their joyous childhood days. This is Nanliao Community of Guanziling Neighborhood in Baihe District, Tainan City. Nanliao’s climate and soil give its oranges a unique flavor.

Today, Chinese honey orange has become the community’s main crops. Speaking of Nanliao, what first comes to mind is the orange.
A few years ago, chair of Nanliao Agricultural Village and Cultural Industry Association Hou Chun-nan and local residents built Nanliao Cycling Station.

Together with the community activity center, the station allows people to hold gatherings and open new classes easily. The locals can now live a life of co-learning and co-playing, just like in the old days. Recently, with the help of some art groups, Nanliao Community Chinese Honey Orange Industry Information Center was inaugurated, right within the station.

No. 9, Gaoyuan, Dongshan Dist., Tainan City
Last updated:2019 / 12 / 25