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Leisurely Fishing in Dapu Township

Dapu not only boasts beautiful natural views but also countless good stories to listen to. Visitors are encouraged to ride bicycles in the village and enjoy a big fish feast. Taking a walk in Lakeside Park or Lovers’ Park is recommended, too. Come to Dapu for graceful nature and a slow mountain trip.

To explore Daupu’s lakes and mountains, make reservations with local yacht companies. The boats depart from a local wharf, passing by Boar Island and Flying-Eagle Valley of Tsenwen Reservoir. Immerse in Dapu’s rich natural ecology, expansive mountains - what a paradise on Earth!

Dapu’s artisans contribute themselves to community development and industry growths. The “Heping Bamboo Kiln” series is an example, representing new-generation businesses.

Last updated:2020 / 04 / 15