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The Pinnacles of Siraya

The Pinnacles of Siraya

The Pinnacles of Siraya


Siraya The First National Scenic Area Named after a Cultural-Linguistic Group

The area, know as a prehistoric archeological site through successive strata, coupled with an influx of the Pingpu (Taiwan Plains Aborigines), speaking Sirayan languages migrating to settle in the region. Nowadays, people continue to preserve traditional Sirayan clan houses and the unique “evening festival.” The name “ Sirayan” is derived from the name of an Austronesian language historically spoken in southwestern Taiwan, making this the first national scenic area in Taiwan named with a cultural-linguistic focus.

Cultural Wonderments

The Jiang Estate of Lutaoyang

The Largest Traditional Single-clan, Large-scale Dwelling in Taiwan The Jiang Estate of Lutaoyang

Known as the largest traditional southern Chinese farm village dwelling in scale and well-preserved intact the Jiang Estate encompassing 3.5 hectares of ancient dwelling can be likened to a living dwelling museum for how it preserves different forms of farm architecture over the past 300 years.

The Waterways of Tainan

The Waterways of Tainan The Well-preserved Large-scale Waterway Facility

The Waterways of Tainan have been an important facility for supplying Tainan with clean tap water since the Japanese occupation era, and are currently billed as a large-scale waterway facility, the most well-preserved in Taiwan: the system has been running uninterruptedly during the Japanese occupation era to the postwar era, and stands to witness the evolving process of Taiwan’s tap water projects.

Nanying Astrological Parl

The First County-funded Astrological Park Nationwide

Located in Danei Township’s Erchongxigong Mountain, the Nanying Astrological Parl is the premiere county-funded astrological park nationwide. Equipped with a large-diameter flatland 76cm cosmology observation dome measuring 9m in diameter, and is acclaimed as the home to the stars for how it commands an excellent view with very light inflection.

Reservoir Legends

The Cengwen Reservoir

The Cengwen Reservoir The Largest Reservoir in Taiwan

Billed as the largest Reservoir in Taiwan, the Cengwen Reservoir is the largest manmade lake in Taiwan, and the largest scenic area developed in southern Taiwan, which is built in the upstream currents of the Cengwen Shi, at the borders of Tainan and Jiayi counties, with a water-collecting area reaching 481km2, or approximately 1/3 larger than the area of Sun Moon Lake.

The Wushantou Reservoir

The Wushantou Reservoir Billed as One of the Top Three Hydrological Projects in the World at the Time.

In 1919, Hatta Yoichi was ordered to build the Wushantou Reservoir, and it took ten years of painstaking efforts until the engineering marvel was completed as the first in Taiwan, Japan and across Asia, or as the third largest irrigation waterworks facility at the time to induct the water for providing an ample source of irrigation water, while Hatta Yoichi was acclaimed as the "Father of Jianan Irrigation."

The Hutoupi Reservoir

The Hutoupi Reservoir The Longest-running Reservoir in Taiwan

Billed as the first Reservoir built in Taiwan, the Hutoupi Reservoir was built in 1846, with a water surface covering approximately 27 hectares. As the Reservoir was nestled against the mountains, which was initially intended as an irrigation Reservoir, it boasts a majestic and scenic landscape, and earned fame as Little Sun Moon Lake.

Rich Ecological Resources

The Guanziling Hot Spring

The Guanziling Hot Spring The Only Mud Hot Spring in Taiwan

Ranked as one of the top four hot spring sites in Taiwan, alongside the hot springs of Beitou, Yangmingshan and Shizhong Shi, the Guanziling hot spring has the rather unique water texture, and is the only mud hot spring in Taiwan.