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Siraya Travel Guide

Siraya Travel Guide

A travel guide to Siraya

Siraya National Scenic Area covers part of Tainan and Chiayi, offering not to be missed activities and attractions such as Siraya Night Sacrifice, Sunrise in Erliao, Zengwen Reservoir boat tour, mud hot spring, etc. Visit Siraya and embark on an extraordinary journey where the beauty of the mountains and rivers integrates into the culture and lifestyle of the indigenous people.

Three major tour routes

Colorful Artistic Land

Mountain, sea of clouds, sunrise, and grassland; Provincial Highway 84 and Provincial Highway 20 offer the most diverse travel itineraries.

Romantic Hot Spring

Road No. 172 and Road No. 175 are the main routes to visit the hot spring at Guanziling, savor Dongshan coffee and experience tribal culture.

Joyful Countryside

Provincial Highway 3 cuts through the entire Siraya region, and passes by Zengwen Reservoir, Meiling, Yujing, etc. Do visit the place and savor the seasonal fruits: mango and plum!

Gentle reminder

Short sleeves clothing is appropriate at non-plain areas, but do bring a jacket for the changing climate in the mountainous region.

While entering the tribal village or participating in local sacrificial ceremonies, please respect the local residents and do not take photographs without permission or disturb the ceremonies.

April - September is the best time for watching the sunrise in Southern Taiwan.

Three major tour routes


As the distance between the attractions in Siraya National Scenic Area is quite far, it is more convenient to drive or hire a car. If you are taking public transportation, head to Chiayi or Tainan and transfer to a bus to your destination.

  • High Speed Rail

    Tainan HSR Station is situated in Guiren District of Tainan City. Hence, if your destination is to the north of Guantian District, you may alight at Chiayi HSR Station, and if it is to the south of Shanhua District, alight at Tainan HSR Station. HSR stations provide bus and taxi service for transferring to other places.

  • Taiwan Railways

    Conveniently accessible as most Western Main Line’s Tze-Chiang Limited Express, Chu-Kuang Express and Fu-Hsing Semi Express call at Xinying Station and Tainan Station. Visitors may arrive at major stations such as Xinying, Tainan, etc., and transfer to Local Train or Ordinary Train that call at every station to the various attractions.

  • Bus

    The frequency in some areas is low, and the bus fare is based on distance traveled. Do check with the bus companies for bus schedule and operation information.

Tainan region (Greater Tainan Bus System)

  • a. Singing Bus

    Singing Bus operates from Xinying Station for routes to Chiayi, Budai, Dongshan, Baihe, Liujia, Yanshui, Beimen, Xuejia, etc.

  • b. Shing Nan Bus

    Shing Nan Bus operates from Tainan City and Jiali for routes to Xinying, Xinhua, Yujing, Madou, Qigu, Beimen, etc.

Chiayi Region (Chia-Yi Bus System)

a. Chia-Yi Bus

It operates from Chiayi City for routes to Yanshui, Baihe, Guanziling, etc.

Siraya’s classic attractions

  • Sunrise in Erliao

    Sunrise in Erliao

    The best time to take photos of Erliao sunrise is between April and September. During sunrise, golden rays slowly emerge from the chalky mountains and form ever-changing rays of dawn, immersing one in a splashed-ink landscape. During the summer holidays, Erliao also hosts the sea of clouds music festival at dawn.

  • Tavokan Cultural District

    Tavokan Cultural District

    Xinhua was once the settlement of the Siraya-Pingpu Tribe. Its old name “Damujiang” is a transliteration of “Tavocan” from Sirayan language. Tavokan Cultural District was originally a police dormitory, and was later restored and converted to a multi-purpose park with rich cultural ambience and attractions, including Wude Hall, Japanese dormitory, etc.

  • Winter hot spring

    Winter hot spring

    The cold winter breeze increases one’s longing for warmth. Guanziling, Zhongpu, Wuxingquan and Shanquan in Siraya National Scenic Area offer different types of hot springs for visitors to experience, warming one’s heart in the howling cold wind.

  • Reservoir bike tour

    Reservoir bike tour

    Several important reservoirs of Taiwan can be found in Siraya National Scenic Area, including Taiwan’s largest reservoir Zengwen Reservoir, as well as Wushantou Reservoir, which was one of the world’s three largest waterworks projects at that time. In “Siraya water fun - reservoir cycling” event, cyclists can enjoy an in-depth tour and the scenery of the reservoir at their most comfortable pace.

Annual events

  • Baihe’s Kapok Flower Festival

    February - March

    Baihe’s Kapok Flower Festival

    Cycling on flaming red Kapok boulevard

    The flaming red Kapok flowers paint the road in bright orange red. Stroll or cycle with your friends along Kapok boulevard to enjoy this beautiful atmosphere.

  • Firefly Festival

    April - May

    Firefly Festival

    Follow the fireflies and explore the forest

    During the short and sparkling Firefly Festival, walk into the forest in the evening and wait quietly for the appearance of the star like light. Join the fireflies partying with the galaxy in the sky and “swarm of fireflies” on the ground.

  • Baihe’s Lotus Festival

    May - August

    Baihe’s Lotus Festival

    Visit the hometown of lotus; enjoy the lotus feast!

    Cool yourself in the hot summer by touring Baihe at a leisurely pace. The emerald lotus leaves and refined lotus swaying in the wind, beautiful scenery and delicacies promise unforgettable memories for visitors.

  • Yujing’s Mango Festival

    June - August

    Yujing’s Mango Festival

    Delicious summer fruit: mango

    The sumptuous mango shaved ice is a must-have during Taiwan’s summer. Visit the distribution place of mango, and beat the summer heat by enjoying the plump and sweet flesh of mango, as well as the delicious mango cuisines.

  • Guantian Water Caltrop Festival

    September - October

    Guantian Water Caltrop Festival

    Fragrant water caltrop in the autumn of Guantian

    Visit Guantian in autumn to savor the freshly picked water caltrop and experience water caltrop DIY activities. The various cooking methods make water caltrop creative cuisine a not to be missed feast of taste.

  • Siraya Night Sacrifice

    September - November

    Siraya Night Sacrifice

    Listen to the stories of the beliefs of Siraya people

    Experience the rich Sirayan culture with Siraya people, and with a sincere heart, listen to the ancient music which carries their beliefs and stories.

  • Dongshan Coffee Festival

    September - November

    Dongshan Coffee Festival

    A journey with coffee aroma

    Travel along Dongshan 175 Coffee Road for Dongshan Coffee Festival, and savor the mellowness of coffee and local agricultural products such as the sweet and sour green ponkan.