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Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform

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The Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform is situated in Longci District, Tainan City. Longchuanwo, which literally translates to the “Dragon Boat Nest,” derives its name from its terrain resembling a large dragon boat navigating atop the mountains and through the clouds. The Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform stands on the range of Longchuanshan (Longchuan Mountain), adjacent to the Zizhu Temple. While it may seem like a typical viewing platform at first glance, it provides an unobstructed, expansive view, making it a secret sunrise-viewing spot that people visiting Longci should not miss!
The Longchuanshan is situated at an altitude of 350 meters. Despite being located on a not-so-high mountain, the Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform perched atop the mountain range offers an unobstructed panoramic view. With just one glance, you can take in the Neimen urban area of Kaohsiung and the distant mountain ranges, presenting a breathtaking vista of blue skies, white clouds, and verdant mountains. This picturesque scenery always evokes a refreshing and invigorating feeling regardless of the time."
Apart from the picturesque scenery of layered mountain ranges, the Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform offers more than meets the eye. Its eastern-facing geographical position and unobstructed view allow visitors to savor the breathtaking sunrise scenery. As the sun gradually rises behind the distant mountain ranges, the sky transitions from the dark blue of night into a stunning display of morning glow painted with shades of purple, orange, and pink. The magnificent view is truly moving and awe-inspiring.

Although the Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform is not as famous as the nearby Hill 308 and Erliao Sunrise Pavilion, it has equally stunning scenery that can rival and stand on par with them. When the meteor shower observation period arrives, this place also attracts numerous astronomy enthusiasts who gather to witness the rare and spectacular phenomenon together.
When visiting the Longchuanwo Sunrise Viewing Platform to enjoy the sunrise and scenery, you can also explore the surrounding scenic spots in Longci! The nearby Zizhu Temple houses a large boat named “Dragon”, which showcases artifacts from ancient times such as antique telephones and traditional raincoats. Additionally, the county boundary marker established during the Qing Dynasty and the hundred-year-old iron tree behind the temple exude a historical ambiance. On the other hand, the Wujian Trail provides access to the Wujian area and City Road 182. This hiking trail not only offer picturesque scenery along the way, but also provides extreme comfort, attracting many hikers and bikers to take on the challenge.
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TEL: +886-6-5941326
Services & Facilities
  • Observation deck
1. As the Park is rich in ecology, visitors can easily be bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. Visitors are advised to bring mosquito repellent or wear long-sleeved clothes.
2. To protect the ecology and maintain the tidiness of the Park together, please do not litter freely.
3. When parking on the roadside, please avoid disrupting traffic flow.
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