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When talking about temples, what comes to mind? The hall filled with incense or the solemn Buddha statues? The Longci Wenheng Temple in Tainan offers a completely different ambiance, where its primary deities protect the temple and the region together with superheroes such as Iron Man, the Hulk, and Captain America!
The Iron Man in the temple! All superheroes have gathered together.
To bridge traditional beliefs with the new generation, the Temple has specially invited superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk, along with Hollywood movie characters such as the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, to join the ranks of loyalty and righteousness alongside Lord Guan (Guan Gong, or Guan Yu) in bearing the great responsibility of protecting the deities. These statues weigh up to 600 kilograms and stand over 3 meters tall. Not only are all of them donated by devotees, but also they have obtained legal copyrights. These statues have created an exceedingly rare temple spectacle in the country.
Enjoy the sculpture masters' and the national-treasure Koji pottery artworks.
At the Longci Wenheng Temple, you can explore not only numerous superhero statues but also a collection of masterpieces crafted by artists of national treasure level. Among these artworks, positioned alongside the stone lion and incense burner on the temple square, is a masterpiece by the famous sculptor Mr. Cheng Cheng-hsiung. This piece, themed around ordinary people in daily life, reflects the constant flow of devotees coming and going within the temple grounds.
The rear section of the main hall is adorned with Koji pottery artworks crafted by Lin Kuang-yi, renowned as a "national treasure in the human world". Among these are three remarkable Koji pottery pieces: "The Sun Moon Lotus Tower", "Pine and Crane: The Longevity", and "The Evergreen Bamboo and Deer", which are expansive wall artworks that are rarely seen in Taiwan.
East meets West! The 3D landscape depicting the legend of Guan Yu by the international artist.
The "Yide Hall" situated next to the Temple, houses a diverse collection of wood sculptures, stone sculptures, and ceramic artworks, as well as national-treasure Koji pottery artworks by artist Lin Kuang-yi. Furthermore, the Temple also invited Kurt Wenner, an internationally recognized 3D sidewalk artist, to create a rare 3D sidewalk painting depicting the well-known tale of Guan Yu's loyalty, the "Passing Through the Five Gates". This unique artwork vividly portrays the familiar historical legend as if it were happening right before one's eyes, creating a truly awe-inspiring experience!
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TEL: +886-6-5940050
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1. The Yide Hall is open every Sunday from 09:30 to 16:30.
2. Do not damage the models and other exhibited items inside the Temple. Please also adhere to the visiting rules of the Temple.
3.To protect the ecology and maintain the tidiness of the Park together, please do not litter freely.
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