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The Hongye Park is located in the Guanziling Scenic Area within Baihe, Tainan. Besides presenting the picturesque scene of hills covered in maple leaves during autumn and winter, Hongye Park offers an eco-friendly environment where various species of butterflies flutter around. The Park also serves as an important environmental education site in Tainan City, providing an opportunity for visitors to fully appreciate the beauty of natural ecology.
Guanziling in Tainan is renowned for its red maple leaves. With a pleasant climate resembling spring throughout the four seasons, the red maple leaves covering the entire mountainside in Guanziling becomes even more captivating. When the maple leaves gradually turn red in the middle to late December, visitors will flock to the mountainside to admire the crimson foliage while indulging in Guanziling's unique mud hot springs.
On Guanziling Old Street, you will come across a prominent red lizard archway. This marks the northern entrance to Hongye Park. As you ascend the stairs along the trail, you'll instantly sense an atmosphere distinct from the old street outside the park. The natural surroundings and serene, secluded ambiance will aid in leaving your worries behind, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery of nature.
The Central Trail is the main pathway in Hongye Park, linking Guanziling Old Street to the mountain's viewing platform. Adorned with maple leaves along the way, the trail offers a stunning sight of red maple leaves during the winter. Moreover, through the planting of butterfly-attracting plants and the organization of ecological education activities, Hongye Park has been transformed into a butterfly-friendly environment, creating an ideal habitat for Purple Crow Butterflies and various other butterfly species. When visiting here, you can leisurely stroll amidst the tree-lined paths, marvel at the enchanting beauty of fluttering butterflies, and immerse yourself in an ecological spectacle that is not to be missed.
Apart from the Central Trail, there are numerous small paths for visitors to explore freely. Each visit promises a unique and distinct discovery and experience. Next time you come to Guanziling for a hot spring bath, do not forget to visit Hongye Park to immerse yourself in a dream-like atmosphere surrounded by butterflies and maple leaves.
Services & Facilities
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1. As the Park is rich in ecology, visitors can easily be bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. Visitors are advised to bring mosquito repellent or wear long-sleeved clothes.
2. To protect the ecology and maintain the tidiness of the Park together, please do not litter freely.
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