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Stretching from Guanziling in the north to Wusanto Reservoir and Nanxi in the south, City Road 175 is widely recognized as the "Coffee Road". This title originates from Dongshan's distinction as the birthplace of indigenous coffee beans, with the area hosting an array of distinctive cafes, contributing to its acclaim in the coffee culture.
Dongshan is situated at an elevation of approximately 500 to 800 meters and is in close proximity to Tsengwen Reservoir, Baihe Reservoir, and Wushanto Reservoir. Its soil quality, temperature, and humidity create an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. Moreover, owing to the distinctive aroma and flavor, Dongshan coffee has consistently earned prestigious accolades in international coffee competitions. As a result, Dongshan is not just Taiwan's largest coffee production area but also one of the premier coffee brands globally.
Situated in the birthplace of the famous Dongshan coffee, the 175 Coffee Road is lined with numerous cafes, each possessing its unique charm and characteristics. Some offer scenic views, while others provide opportunities for close observation of coffee trees and in-depth insights into the coffee-making process. The only commonality among them is the passion and dedication of coffee enthusiasts for their own coffee. Enjoying the magnificent mountain scenery of Dongshan while savoring authentic Dongshan coffee is the ultimate delight when visiting the Coffee Road.
Besides enjoying coffee, you can explore plantations growing local specialties like oranges, plums, and longan. If you visit during the harvest season, you might also witness bustling agricultural scenes of coffee beans sun-drying and the roasting of dried longan.
It is also a favorite spot among numerous bikers and motorcycle riders, offering them the freedom to relish the exhilarating sensation amidst the mountainous woods and under the shelter of trees. After a tiring ride, pausing to savor a cup of authentic Dongshan coffee while admiring the scenery along 175 Coffee Road provides a serene and relaxed way of life.
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1. Mountain roads are rugged. Please drive with caution.
2. The weather can change significantly in mountainous area. Please pay close attention to the weather conditions to prevent accidents.
3. The opening hours of each store shall refer to the store’s announcements.
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