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With a history spanning over 260 years, the Dapu Beiji Temple, primarily devoted to the worship of the Dark Heavenly Highest Deity (Xuanwu), remains the spiritual center of the Dapu region in Chiayi. Its inception can be traced back to the incense ashes brought by migrants from Zhangzhou to Taiwan. In the 25th year of Emperor Qianlong's reign (1760), Mr. Huang A-Xie, who was the village chief of Dapu at that time, took the lead in fundraising for the temple's construction. For more than two centuries, the temple has been an unwavering spiritual anchor for the people of the Dapu region.
For centuries, Xuanwu has sheltered the residents of Dapu, leaving behind a trail of legends. It is said that during the 22nd year of the Daoguang era, a band of bandits came to Dapu to cause havoc and pillage. Despite the villagers' efforts to resist, they were unable to capture the bandits. However, when they decided to let the bandits go, they found that the bandits were afraid to flee and surrendered. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the bandits were intimidated to flee because they had seen heavily guarded troops wearing distinctive red bamboo hats. The villagers believed these troops to be divine soldiers sent by Xuanwu to aid in capturing the bandits.
Another divine miracle took place in the early years of the Republic of China. Legend has it that, during a rainy season in a certain year, the river water surged, posing a potential flooding threat to the village. The village chief at that time prayed and made offerings to Xuanwu, seeking divine intervention to recede the rising waters. He pledged to annually prepare sacrificial offerings and meals with the villagers on November 15 of the lunar calendar. Remarkably, like what he prayed, the water gradually receded, averting disaster for Dapu. Since then, on November 15 of the lunar calendar each year, villagers have faithfully worshipped the Dark Heavenly Highest Deity, fulfilling their vow.
Due to these legends, Beiji Temple holds significant importance in the hearts of Dapu residents. Every year, during the Beiji Temple Festival on March 3 of the lunar calendar, local villagers hold grand ceremonial events. Devotees who had moved to Changhua and Kaohsiung due to the construction of the Tsengwen Reservoir also return to their hometowns to join in the 'incense-fire' rituals, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.
When visiting Beiji Temple, do not forget to explore the wonderful tourist attractions of Dapu, such as the Dapu Old Street, Lovers’ Park, Dapu Tourist Information Center, and Tsengwen Reservoir. With abundant and distinctive tourism resources, Dapu can satisfy every traveler's expectations!
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TEL: +886-5-2522137
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1. Please respect other worshippers when visiting the temple.
2. Do not touch the statues, cultural artifacts, or any other displays inside the temple. Kindly adhere to the visiting rules of the temple.
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