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Jianshanpi Reservoir, which occupies 21 hectares, originally provided water for Taiwan Sugar Corporation's Sinying plant. The water volume of the reservoir can reach over 3 million square meters. Currently, Jianshanpi Reservoir has a serious problem with accumulating deposits.

However, because it was not used for irrigation purposes, Taiwan Sugar Corporation never made any plans to dredge it. Through a change of management, it has become a scenic resort area, attracting many tourists on the weekends.

Jianshanpi Reservoir is completely surrounded by mountains, and has an abundant ecological landscape. The environment is beautiful and secluded, with plentiful tree and plant species.

During each season, over 100 ornamental plants and trees take turns to burst open with beautiful flowers, giving the appearance of a miniature garden. Every time midsummer comes around, butterflies are attracted to this place, creating a beautifully attractive natural view.

Opening Hours: Sunday:open 24 hours
Monday:open 24 hours
Tuesday:open 24 hours
Wednesday:open 24 hours
Thursday:open 24 hours
Friday:open 24 hours
Saturday:open 24 hours
Admission charge: Ticket: Full ticket NT$150, Group ticket NT$120, Ticket for senior persons NT$75
TEL: +886-6-6233888
Recommended length of visit 2-4 hours
Services & Facilities
  • Visitor Center
  • Bus station
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Selling
  • Trails
The ecology is rich at Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort, there are more insects at the area, please bring insect repellent or wear long sleeve.
There is a huge water area at Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort, please do not enter by yourself.
How to Get There
Choose a transportation method based on your departure location.
There are parking lots at Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort.
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