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Hutoupi Reservoir Scenic Area

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Riding a bike around the reservoir is a pleasant way to enjoy the views.

A super long water slide is open for tourists to experience during a selected time in summer.

May is the flower season of golden shower trees.

Hutoupi Reservoir is the first reservoir built in Taiwan.


Built in 1846, Hutoupi Reservoir was originally designed for irrigation and is now more than 170 years old. In 1939, it was transformed into a scenic area. The reservoir is also known as “little Sun Moon Lake” for its beautiful scenery. The breathtaking landscape here has made it a “back garden” that locals take pride in.


There are many ways to enjoy Hutoupi Reservoir scenic area. You can ride a bike, cross the suspension bridge, or pedal a water bike. The expansive scenic area enables tourists to enjoy a nice relaxing trip. Free of bustling crowds and disturbance, you can

enjoy the natural views here to your heart’s content.


The major recreational facilities of the scenic area are located along the 4 km-long road circling the reservoir: boat rental dock, camping site, water facility and more. Fun activities are held here all year round, such as meadow concert and marathon race. In the sweltering summer, Hutoupi Reservoir is a popular hideaway.

Opening Hours: 06:30 AM to 22:00 PM
TEL: 886-6-5901325
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