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2023 Siraya Grassland Festival

2023 Siraya Grassland Festival
Event Date: 2023-04-22 ~ 2023-05-01
時間說明: The series activities of the “2023 Siraya Grassland Festival” will take place on the weekends between April 22 and May 1.
Address: No. 99, Futian Rd., Guantian Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

​For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes.

2023 Siraya Grassland Festival 

A hot air balloon tour above beautiful grassland: Let’s have a hot air balloon ride

Featuring a vast grassland, the Guantian Visitor Center of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of the Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has held various series of activities since its launch, aiming to provide visitors with Siraya’s unique grassland activities. The series activities of the “2023 Siraya Grassland Festival” will take place on the weekends between April 22 and May 1.

This year, Guantian Visitor Center has specially organized various themed activities and splendid shows, including the “Hot Air Balloon Festival”, “Hot Air Balloon Projection Mapping Show”, “Grassland Music Festival”, “Fur Babies’ Sports Day”, “Family Party Day”, “Grassland Market” and so on. All people are invited to come here to enjoy the scenic greenery and experience the green life of Siraya Grassland!

The first series activity “Grassland Music Festival” will take place on April 22 for two days. A number of bends, including the winner of the Golden Melody Award for Best Vocal Collaboration PiA; the dual lead vocals with the warm and healing voice Neci and Ken; and the Pop punk creation bend PA PUN BAND, totally 8 bends will perform in a relay at the festival to create the atmosphere for grassland market and picnic music festival.

The second hot air balloon themed series activity will launch during the long weekend of Labor Day between April 29 and May 1 and is offered with a limited quantity: By spending only NT$500, you will be able to have a tour in the sky and the tour is offered to only 160 persons each day. To experience the feeling of rising into the sky on a hot air balloon, people can purchase the ticket on site; contact South East Travel Service (SETTOUR), Sheng Lung Travel Service or Flying Top Tour for purchasing related experiencing tour; or book a stay at Wusanto Huching Resort Hotel, Guanziling Reikei Hot Spring Resort, Guanziling Lichiuan Hot Sprint Resort or Liuying Jianshanpi Resort to receive a hot air balloon ride ticket. In addition, a cute mini hot air balloon of Oh Bear will also join you to enjoy the great fun of flying in the sky.

The Center has specially arranged a “Hot Air Balloon Projection Mapping Show” in the evening on April 29. Let’s enjoy the great fun together with the rhythm of music and feel the exciting atmosphere together with the hot air balloons turning up their flame. Let’s enjoy the visual and audio excitements together with the special effects of light and shadows!

During the long weekend of Labor Day between April 29 and May 1, the Center not only holds hot air balloon activities, but also the bustling grassland and market activities. On April 29, a series activities of the “Family Part Day” will take place with fun level challenges, Taiko performance, interactive balloon shows and so on. All families with the children are invited to have fun here! On April 30, the “ Fur Babies Sports Day” will take place with the offering of fresh food DIY activity and fur baby seminar. All the owners of fur babies are invited to enjoy the great fun here.