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Yujing Mango Festival

Yujing Mango Festival
Event Date: 2024-06-22 ~ 2024-07-21
Address: Yujing Dist., Tainan City Taiwán, R.O.C

​For the event schedules, please refer to the official site or poster for any latest changes.

The Tainan City Dist. of Yujing was once known as Tapani, so named for the Siraya sub-tribe that called it home. Yujing is Taiwan's biggest producer of mangoes, boasting a range of varieties of mango and producing nearly 10,000 tons of mangoes each year. The locals' farming excellence has earned them a reputation far and wide, with Yujing becoming know as the "Mango Kingdom." Mango season runs between April and September, and every July Yujing holds a month-long event called the Yujing Mango Festival, celebrating their farmers with enormous, juicy, fleshy mangoes and offering all kinds of scenic and cultural activities, including mango size and beauty pageants, along with the opportunity to try and make dried mango for yourself. The local farmers work hard to develop more mango products and actively promote special mango meals, marketing their mangoes to the world. A trip to Yujing for the festival is a wonderful experience, not only for the chance to try dozens of different kinds of mango and the sour/sweet combination of flavors in mango ice, but also for the songs and tales of local heroes such as Yu Cingfang who fought against the occupying forces of Japan. Yujing is also an excellent place to get bargains on a variety of other fruits, with the cafes on Mt. Hutou offer a view of the entire Yujing Basin. Overall, this is a spectacular experience and something not to be missed.