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2021 Taiwan Cycling Series Activity – Siraya Go CreCar 41 teams at Tsou Ma Lai Farm Burn in the winter with speed and passion


Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau MOTC hold 8th “Siraya Go CreCar - unpowered car creative competition” at Tsou Ma Lai Farm on 19th December. 2500 visitors join the activity together, and also we invite the mayor of Tainan City and lots of distinguished guests to attend. Because of COVID-19, the activity was postponed to December, but there are 41 teams to register, so that full of unlimited passion at Tsou Ma Lai Farm on December.


There are 5 checkpoints on the track of Siraya Go CreCar, first is the 2 meters starting block, so that players can sprint, second are 2 small platforms with 30 and 50 centimeters, then will see a S type curve track, and the final challenge is the mango parking lot to test your parking skill. The new checkpoint of this year “Old Street Go Straight”, with 5 special products which is at old street.


There are 5 teachers in the team of judgement this year, they have abundant experience and expert knowledge of design, machinery, vehicles, and other fields. After the score statistics, the champion team of 2021 Siraya Go CreCar is “SiraTsou Ma is fun” those students are from Yanshui, and take 180 thousand, Silver Award is “Hummer Contribution”, Bronze Award is “Taiwan Lion Power”, they have great exquisite craftsmanship, unlimited creativity, and driving skill, and Judging Award is “I will be back”, to encourage everyone to attend this activity with dream.


Not only the exciting race, there are Decathlon experience area, DIY clown balloon, Greater Siraya Tourism Alliance, and special cuisine on the grassland, so that everyone can have fun, then some people are surprise to the vehicles creative, excite their will to join next year.


The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said because of COVID-19, the activity was postponed to December, but there are 41 teams to register, it means “Siraya Go CreCar” has been deeply rooted, to become a great activity of unpowered car in Taiwan. Hope Siraya Go CreCar can toward diverse way to develop, experience the beauty of Siraya; Siraya National Scenic Area Administration also combine 30 Greater Siraya Tourism Alliance industry sellers to promote stimulus vouchers discount, welcome to Greater Siraya to have fun.