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Take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle in Spring, pass through attractions along the route!


“want to go out but afraid of traffic jams”, take “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” to release your hands, pass through characteristic attractions along the route that all of them will be fun! Siraya National Scenic Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC promote “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” – “Guanziling Route” and “Lingbo-Guantian Route” total 15 stops, connect transportation hub, classic old street, science museum exhibition, and the only mud hot spring in Taiwan, it’s the season of firefly now, and the following long weekend, to the people which want to go out but won’t be too tired, let’s take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle!


Siraya National Scenic Administration promote “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” – “Guanziling Route” and “Lingbo-Guantian Route”, 2 different style routes, pass through 7 districts, the range is vast, you can enjoy mud hot spring, Nanjing sugar factory with Japanese style which local people and visitors love in “Guanziling Route”, and Baoquan bridge is also a popular attraction, if you like ecological tour, you can attend “Nanliao Firefly Season”, and take “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Guanziling Route” to Guanziling stop and transfer Tainan Bus Yellow 13 to Tainan Baihe Nanliao Community to visit firefly; “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Lingbo-Guantian Route” will pass Jianshanpi Jiangnan Resort, Wushantou Reservoir, Guantian Visitor Center, Chuan Wen Shan, Sinhua Old Street, Museum of Archaeology, Tainan Branch of National Museum of Prehistory, experience the beauty of Siraya with five senses.


The director of Siraya National Scenic Administration said there are vast grassland and beautiful land art, it’s suitable for family to go out and picnic with huge grassland, breeze, and warm sun! To promote surrounding areas, take “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle - Lingbo-Guantian Route” pass through Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park, we set “Be Bike” Electrical Power Assist Bicycle to rent at the outside of the memorial park, and also “Babatian Bike Store” provide bike rental service, Guantian Visitor Center also set “Be Bike” Electrical Power Assist Bicycle to rent, so that visitors can ride a bike to travel “Lingbo-Guantain Route”, and view Chianan Irrigation Channel, Daqi Village Creative Artistic Base, and Longtian Cha Cha Cultural Heritage Area, let your trip be more rich and relaxing!


“Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” – “Guanziling Route” and “Lingbo-Guantian Route” is going to promote various discount, include food, accommodation, travel, shopping, playing, we are planning “writing my story with Siraya” photo package ticket this year, invite an exclusive photographer to record your beautiful moments with you and Siraya, for more information and package discounts, stay tuned!