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The most wonderful activity of the year “Childlike Siraya” duathlon parent-child activity is total 200 groups to attend Little rider is so cute and happy at Guantian Visitor Center


Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC hold “Childlike Siraya” duathlon parent-child activity on 23rd April at Guantian Visitor Center, combine the most popular push bike and walking to duathlon parent-child activity, we add “obstacle station” this year, attract 200 groups to attend, everyone has a joyful and happy time.


This activity is starting after the director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration and other guests wave the flags together, little riders start to sprint forward, parents and children complete 200 meters’ duathlon parent-child activity. There are almost 1000 people come to Guantian Visitor Center, it’s joyful and cute.


Except for duathlon activity, there are clown magic show, creative market, and combine with “Squid Game” to launch parent-child breakthrough theme park, then there is a chance to get Nintendo Switch Lite and other awards, in the afternoon, we invite YOYO Family and Candy Star, clown magic show to performance, attract many people to view.


The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said hold duathlon parent-child activity, not only can train children's healthy physical fitness, but also responsive parenting is the shared responsibility of parents’ policy, and enhance the interaction between parents and children, so that each child can leave happy memories; through this activity to promote Guantian Visitor Center and the surrounding areas, everyone can come to Guantian Visitor Center on the weekday or weekend, feel the unique scene. In addition to promote Siraya 1 day and 2 days trip with FLYING TOP TOUR and WELCOME HOLIDAY TRAVEL SERVICE, let people to experience riding bike, and visit Guantian Visitor Center and the surrounding areas to have an in-depth travel, enjoy a relaxing viewing. (get more itineraries information, FLYING TOP TOUR: 06-265-6699, WELCOME HOLIDAY TRAVEL SERVICE: 07-332-1383)


To promote bike tour, Tourism Breuer MOTC hold 2022 “Go Bike Taiwan Riding Certificate”, invite people to ride 16 bikeways in Taiwan, included “Lingbo-Guantian Route”; use APP to record your track and finish the specify conditions, then can get exclusive commemorative certification medal, collect many different certification medal, can attend rich draw activity. This certificate activity is still holding to 30th April. Tourism Breuer MOTC is going to hold “World Bicycle Day – cycling around Taiwan” on 28th May, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration will invite people to attend from Liuying to Xinshi, get more information on Facebook fan pages of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration.