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Hello Siraya! Foreign visitors take Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to travel by themselves

Group photo at grassland of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration

Take “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” to travel, this weekend is so “warm”! Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Breuer, MOTC invite “Friendship in Taiwan - international students to travel Taiwan” (FIT), take 16 international students to have a special itinerary, during the interactions, deeply understand the culture of Siraya.


International students take “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle” to travel the attractions of “Guanziling Route” and “Lingbo Guantian Route”, make friends with world through “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle”, not only let international students feel Taiwanese caring and friendship, but also let them know other convenient travel ways, so that they can make a group and don’t worry about transportation!


So much delicious food at Jingliao Old Street of “Guanziling Route”, it’s also the filming location of a famous documentary “Wumiler” and Taiwanese TV program “The Making of an Ordinary Woman”, it’s the must go place. International students taste Taiwanese snacks and visit local building, as if cross the TV program to experience the ancient Taiwanese life.


When you take “Lingbo Guantian Route”, it goes through “Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park” and “Sinhua Old Street - Tavocan Cultural Park”, full of Japanese style, the Vietnam student said “we can know foreign culture in Taiwan which means Taiwanese people are friendly”, after the commentary of the docent, aroused the curiosity of international students about the history of Taiwan, take many photos at these attractions, the people who like cuisine and photography, must come to visit!


On the way back, the international students said “there are fun places in Tainan, must come to Siraya again”. The Muslim students are gratitude Siraya National Scenic Area Administration and team of Friendship in Taiwan, they take care different cultural students, that’s why they want to stay in Taiwan.


The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said there are many travel elements in Siraya, we cooperate a public welfare trip with Friendship in Taiwan, connect “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Guanziling Route and Lingbo Guantian Route”, from culture archeology to tourism factories, display a various tourism resource. This time we prepare 2 days trip to international students, let them enjoy the beauty of Siraya, and know more culture of Siraya. Because of COVID-19, they can’t go back to their country, but they can use smartphone to share their trip with family, and introduce “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Guanziling Route and Lingbo Guantian Route” to their family, let them feel the beauty of Taiwan, next time they can be the tour guide to travel with their family, and enjoy the beauty of Siraya!