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"Siraya Grassland Festival" Three theme activity is going on stage in June


Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC has vast grasslands, a series of activities have been held since its opening, creating an exclusive Siraya Grassland style.

2022 Siraya Grassland Festival will be held on every Saturday and Sunday from 11th June to 10th July, the event includes three themes, “Grassland Art Festival”, “Grassland Music Festival”, “Grassland Funfest Festival”, we invite bands, parent-child troupes, interesting game and bazaar.


The first day in the series activities(11th June) start with Music Festival, start singing by Mixer who won the Golden Melody Awards, the music style is sweet and comforted, there are six bands relay show, hope you can have fun with us. Next week (18th, 19th June), we invite YOYO Family and Apple Theater who are loved by everyone, they will let parents and children enjoy relaxing grass time with drama and laughter. Not only prepare large outdoor bounce air cushions that can let kids experiences being a superman but also provide various parent-child games.


In order to connect with the natural images of the grassland, blue sky, white clouds, and other natural images in the visitor center, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration specially invited artists to design the particular installation art of Siraya based on environmental protection and local materials.


On the first day (11th June) of the event, the MSTW07 Ditch Road, Mountains to Sea National Greenway, Taiwan Walking Activity will be held by Tainan City Government, you can use the memorial medal to go to the second floor of the Siraya Guantian Visitor Center to get a discount.


Series Activity:




Grassland Music Festival

11th June


Grassland Funfest Festival

18th ,19th June


Grassland Art Festival

11th June


12th June,

25th June to 10th July

Every Saturday and Sunday


Grassland Bazaar

11th June to 10th July

Every Saturday and Sunday