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The final event of 2022 Siraya Summer Chilling to Autumn Festival Stargazing and watching sunrise at Erliao, enjoying the astonishing view

The most expecting sunrise with sea of cloud, looks like a splash painting
“2022 Siraya Summer Chilling to Autumn Festival--- stargazing, watching sunrise and sea of the cloud concert at Erliao” was held on Aug 13th and 14th at Erliao sunrise platform. On Aug 13th, professional stargazing teachers from Amateur Astronomers Association of Tainan would be there and guiding hundreds of visitors for stargazing. Plus, Perseids would be the maximum amount, which attracted lots of visitors coming. On Aug 14th, Tainan local band “Red Bomb” was performing traditional Chinese music. We were honored to invite a lot of special guests to join us. Thousands of visitors enjoyed the music and the fabulous view of sunrise at Erliao.

Since the series of 2022 Siraya Summer Chilling to Autumn Festival beginning, a lot of people called to ask information about this event. This year, we held stargazing activity before sunrise. People who registered in advance could get special gift, this event was fully booked within 48hrs, showing how attractive this event is! Besides, we distributed planisphere and Wanshou eggs for those who register in advance, we also gave visitors finishing special mission coffee and rice cake. For the drawing of hotel coupon and hot spring coupon, Ms. Chen from Sinshih Dist and Mr. Chang from West Central Dist won hot spring coupon of Lu Er hot spring, Mr. Chen from Yongkang Dist and Mr. Huang from Madou Dist won hotel coupon of DaKeng Leisure Farm and Aurora Villa.

Director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Chen Neng Hsu said, we succeed to promote Erliao sunrise platform as a tourist attraction for both day and night activities by holding this event. With local business owners, we provide all kinds of services here, enhancing the diversities of travel. For example, in the event of watching sunrise and sea of the cloud concert at Erliao, we invited Dou Zih coffee shop and Gongguan Community Development Association in Zuozhen District, and some local hotel owners provided hot spring coupons and hotel coupons for lottery. By this opportunity, we create win-win situation. Starting from Jul 15th 2022, Tourism Bureau Ministry of Transportation and Communications provides YOUYOU International Tourism Promotion Plan. We welcome people come to visiting us!

The main three events of 2022 Siraya Summer Chilling to Autumn Festival are about to end, but lottery of “Traveling Triangle” will continue until Oct 2nd. By visiting one of three events: Erliao Sunrise Concert (including stargazing), Siraya Shaved Ice Festival or Guanziling Summer Danjiri Festival, take photos with chill postures at specific stores, and upload the pictures to the post on Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Facebook page, then you can join monthly lottery and have a chance to win iPhone! We already had two winners in previous two drawing. For more details, please refer Siraya National Scenic Area Administration website and Facebook page.