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2022 Siraya Go Crecar, invite you to challenge and the overall purse for the event is NT$ 450,000.

“Wonderland of Siraya GO! ”
Registration for the craziest fall event in Tainan has begun, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC will hold “Siraya Go CreCar” on 6th November, inviting everyone to create a car, and drifting together at Tsou Ma Lai Farm! The "Player's Night" program is also specially planned this year. This event has been held for 9 years, welcome to Siraya in autumn.

Siraya Go CreCar starts accepting registrations from today to 23th September, the overall purse for the event is NT$ 200,000, there are 11 awards in total, champion team can get NT$ 200,000, the first 35 registration teams and complete game can have NT$ 5,000 for transportation subsidy. Welcome every creative people, car builders, race track madmen to register! On the day of the event, in addition to the speedy and exciting racing events, many interesting activities were also arranged around, such as large outdoor bounce air cushions, grassland parent-child activities, famous dining cars in southern Taiwan and bands performances. Welcome everyone to join the event.

Siraya Go CreCar has into the 9th this year, it has become a iconic competition in Taiwan, All players are invited to participate as from today, you can challenge the highest prize of NT$200,000 as long as you overcome five levels. The levels are full of excitement and challenges this year, you have to shout out "Siraya Go" from the 2-meter-high starting platform before sprinting down, after crossing the platform, the next step is to complete the precise shooting, transform the contestants from Tigger to the elf marksman Orlando Blue in The Lord of the Rings, the S-curve is lined up with colorful flower walls, in the last level "The food is so fresh, after parking in the designated area, the local cuisine examiner of Siraya will also appear. If you want to bring back the gold prize of NT$200,000, you must know everything about Siraya, and you will dominate the exciting "Siraya Go CreCar" in the end!

Siraya Go CreCar has been running for nine years with the support of tourists and local firm, in addition to  the top five teams, there are also the Best Popularity Award, the Surprise Award, the Jury Award, etc. Facebook Popularity Award which will depends on your charm and the Best Car-making Film Award, two  awards mentioned above will be increased in this year. In order to let all players relax before the competition, "Players Night" is specially planned, which they can enjoy delicious food and listen to music on the prairie of Tsou Ma Lai Farm, at the same time they can communicate with each other and create good memories of the competition.

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said the theme of this year is “Wonderland of Siraya”, we hope that the contestants can use this element to design and create the most interesting competition. Siraya is like a big treasure house, not only the scenery, local cuisine, hot springs or cultural customs, all waiting to be explored. It's up to you how to express the Siraya in your mind.

"2022 Siraya Go CreCar" is not only for adults, children can also participate in the activity, "Fun Warm-up Competition" will be held in October, we invite the child who is 6 to 12 years old, get create to build their unique Little CreCar. On 6th November, all adults and children are invited to come to Tsou Ma Lai Farm to watch the creativity of the racers, enjoy the excitement on the track, and pass through the many levels to reach the finish line! More information and activity detail can get on Facebook Fan Page and official website of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration.

You will be the next racing king. We are not only racing cars, but also creating the memories that belong to you and me.
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