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Ride to the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, challenge yourself and experience the wonderland of Siraya! Registration opens today!

Ride on City Road 165 to Jianshanpi Reservoir.
Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC will hold the “2022 Siraya Cycling Activity – Reservoir Cycling” at Guantian Visitor Center on 12th to 13th November. You can register now at ACCUPASS website. Three different routes are planned, “Guantian Visitor Center to 175 Coffee Road(77K)”, “ Guantian Visitor Center to Wusanto Reservoir(23K)”, “Guantian Visitor Center to Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park(10K)”. You can choose the characteristics of the route you like, part of the event connects Mountains to Sea National Greenway and Tainan Loop Route, if you participate in the event, you can get " Mountains to Sea National Greenway Commemorative Ring Buckle" and "Siraya Scarf", There are also discount coupons that can be used at the market and shops along the road. We sincerely invite friends from all over Taiwan who love to ride bicycles, or parents who want to spend a happy holiday with their children.

There are many reservoirs in Siraya, and each reservoir has different humanities and histories. The three riding routes of this event all pass through the Mountains to Sea National Greenway - the Dazhen Road(MSTW07), this route is an important witness to the development of water conservancy construction during the Japanese occupation period, witnessing the contribution of Hatta Yoichi in Taiwan's water conservancy construction. The Chianan Plain has transformed from a dry field to a fertile place, giving birth to crops such as Tainan rice and Guantian water chestnut, etc. It is hoped that through this cycling event, more people will know about the important areas of water resources in southern Taiwan. Especially " Guantian Visitor Center to Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park (10K)", through the introduction of the local guide, everyone will get to know the Guantian Visitor Center, and we hope everyone can leave good memories! So we providing diversified performances, grassland markets and sunshade equipment rental services, there are also punch-in photo spots arranged in the shape of donuts. The end of the trip is the Japanese-style dormitory buildings and humanistic features in the Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park, it also includes the experience of wagashi, playing tea, and listening to the guqin, let tourists feel the atmosphere of Taiwan during the Japanese occupation period and enjoy the tranquility of time and space. The total value is more than NT1,000, but now you only need to spend NT150, you will be able to enjoy the tour, let your experience from registration to event will be beyond your imagination.

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said there are many reservoir resources and sightseeing scenery within the precinct, not only cycling activities, but also suitable for the whole family or friends to go for a walk during the holidays and enjoy the diverse ecology and beauty of the reservoir area. In order to allow more people to understand the beauty of bicycle riding in the area under the precinct of Siraya, “Guantian Visitor Center to 175 Coffee Road(77K)” is a part of the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, this road from Mt. Jade to the sea, witnessing the struggles of predecessors and exploring the best path of history and culture, on the way, you can taste the local coffee of Dongshan. In addition, " Guantian Visitor Center to Wusanto Reservoir (23K)" is a bicycle route with natural ecology and human history, and there is a chance to see beautiful Pheasant-tailed Jacana dancing in the paddy fields, also appreciate the mix of traditional Chinese temples and baroque-style buildings after the Japanese occupation period - Chishan Longhuyan Temple, , showing the compatibility of different cultures. In order to let everyone have a deep understanding of the most unique natural and cultural characteristics of Guantian, we are committed to holding a series of activities of " Siraya Cycling Activity – Reservoir Cycling" year after year, through this activity, more people who love riding can discover the different natural scenery around the Siraya National Scenic Area and enjoy this friendly area.

Online registration will be opened on the ACCUPASS event platform from now on, the number of participants is limited. Please don't miss it! More detailed information can be found on the official website and Facebook fan page of the "Siraya National Scenic Area Administration".