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Touching Siraya theme area at Chiayi National Day Fireworks Market! DIY experience, prize quiz activities and music singing, the atmosphere is very Chill!

In order to promote the brand of the "Touching Siraya" tourist circle, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC specially set up a "Siraya Theme Area" at the "Chiayi National Day Fireworks Market" on October 10, the National Day. At that time, there will be 20 specialty stores in the Siraya Tourist Circle and Chiayi Zhongpu. In addition to a variety of food, drink and entertainment booths, there will also prize quiz activities, enjoy local artists’ music performances, and sign up for DIY experience on the spot. The joyful atmosphere of the theme exhibition area will make people linger, welcome to experience together.

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said "Touching Siraya" is a new brand in the Greater Siraya tourism circle. The purpose is to lead tourists into the wonderland of Siraya National Scenic Area. Therefore, it is specially combined with the annual event of "2022 National Day Fireworks in Chiayi". The market will have a "Siraya theme area". The market activity starts at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is welcomed to go to the theme area and bring the selected items of Siraya home. On the same day, the Chiayi County Government hold a market in the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum and the surrounding event venues " Taizi Blvd " and "Event South Transfer Station". There were more than 400 booths on the site including the Siraya theme area. There are also 12,000 free parking spaces available to the public in the area.

This Siraya theme area gathers related industries of Greater Siraya tourism circles, including accommodation, coffee, hot springs, etc. A series of activities were also combined on the site. We invited the industry practitioners from Zhongpu Township, Chiayi County who are committed to promoting ecological environment education, green tourism and sustainable management concepts. It is hoped that this event will continue to promote the development of Zhongpu's tourism industry and encourage everyone to pay attention to ecological protection and sustainable tourism.

On the day of the event, we also invite local artists from Zhongpu to sing. We hope that while listening to songs and visiting the market, tourists can enjoy the happy atmosphere of the Touching Siraya. Various free DIY experiences are also arranged on that day. If you are interested, you can go to sign up at the service desk, registration starts at 1.30pm, spots are limited.

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said "Touching Siraya" includes many characteristic areas in Tainan City and Chiayi County, when you come here, you must not miss the local specialties such as Dongshan coffee, Guantian water chestnut, Baihe lotus root, Yujing mango, Zhongpu Oleum Camelliae, etc. The only mud hot spring in Taiwan can only be experienced in Baihe Guanziling. During a three-day holiday of the National Day, in addition to enjoying the fireworks show in the Southern Branch of National Palace Museum in Chiayi County, it is also recommended to combine the nearby Siraya National Scenic Spots, such as Zengwen Reservoir, Wushantou Reservoir, Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park, Jingliao Old Street in Houbi, etc. Plan a trip into Siraya, because it is not just what you think, "Siraya, it's more beautiful than you think".