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Touching Siraya invites you to have fun together. If you show your "Fairy White", you can get a discount for entering the farm.

Touching Siraya GO ! 2022 Siraya Go Crecar held a press conference at Tainan Fun Centre of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi today (October 15th), and a Fun Warm-up Competition in the afternoon, invited the Deputy Mayor of Tainan City and many important guests to join us for the grand event today. The theme car "SIRAYA", a flying white horse full of fairy spirit, it was exposed for the first time, and six models with different styles demonstrated on the runway show that how to wear the most unique Dress Code "Fairy White". On the day of the event, anyone who wears "Fairy White" will get a discount on admission tickets. The Fun Warm-up Competition was held this afternoon, the registration for the event was full in 3 hours after the registration was opened, many parents brought their children to paint, create ideas, and created their own little GO Crecar. The youngest contestant was only 6 years old, and shouted that when he was 18 years old, he must build a big car to participate in the competition. The scene was full of laughter, and we will meet on the 6th of next month!

This year, the brand "Touching Siraya" of the Greater Siraya Tourism Circle is used as the main axis. From the theme of car building, grassland activities, and dressing in the park, it is surrounded by "Touching  Siraya", just like the theme car of "Siraya", it integrated the design of Siraya's local image as a demonstration, and it will be a passionate race with exciting track levels. On the day of the competition, as long as you meet the dress code in the style of " Fairy White ", you can buy the entrance ticket of Tsou Ma Lai Farm for NT$100 (original price NT$250). If you enter the park before 12:00, you can also get a lottery ticket, which is fun and interesting. Welcome to be the fairyland leader on the grassland!

People who like to travel should also not miss the limited itinerary of this year's "Siraya Go Crecar". The administration has combined with the surrounding stores of Tsou Ma Lai Farm, from now until November 6th, you can enjoy multiple discounts as long as you go to the partner store to consume, check in, tag and follow the Facebook Fan Page and official website of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration. On the day of the competition, everyone is invited to participate in exciting activities at Tsou Ma Lai Farm, and there will be a number of well-known food Truck to provide special meals. In response to environmental protection, there are special discounts related to the cooperation with the dining car at the event site, as long as you prepare environmentally friendly tableware by yourself, you can get NT$5 discount, there are also rich activities such as giant bubbles, large outdoor air cushion areas, bands performances, markets, etc., as well as well-known brands such as Coca-Cola and Xiaobei Department Store so that everyone can enjoy a good time on the grassland

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration said Siraya Go Crecar has been for 9 years, the theme of "Touching Siraya" this year is hope that contestants and audience can appreciate the beauty of Siraya again with different viewpoints. Siraya has rich natural scenery, human history, characteristic products and various tourism elements. It is like a treasure house. In every season, time and even day and night, Siraya also has a different appearance at different times, incorporating this concept into the Go Crecar theme will make everyone fall in love with Siraya again! "2022 Siraya Go Crecar" has entered the countdown stage, this competition will be held on November 6 2022 at Tsou Ma Lai Farm. Friends of all ages are welcome to come to the scene to support your favorite team, don't be discouraged if you can't be there, the organizer will have a live broadcast on the same day, so that you can feel the enthusiasm of the scene at home. Please reserve time to have fun together.

For more details, please refer Siraya National Scenic Area Administration website and Facebook page.