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Siraya Cycling Activity are starting now(12th)! The Alice in Wonderland party catch everyone's eye!

Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC “2022 Siraya Cycling Activity – Reservoir Cycling” was grandly opened today at the Guantian Visitor Center. Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C. and Director General, Tourism Bureau, M.O.T.C., R.O.C., the director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, many guests whistled together. There is not only a super cute Alice in Wonderland party, but also daily limited exclusive egg pancakes and donuts, which attract both adults and children to come and leave the best sweet memories!

Political Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C. went south to participate in the event to cheer for the riders, he also said that the opening of the border will test the development and rebirth of tourism in Taiwan after the epidemic. In August this year, the 11th APEC Tourism Ministerial Conference held the concept of " regenerative tourism", we uphold the spirit and connotation of green tourism, sharing strategies such as 2050 Net Zero Emissions, sustainable tourism, salute to the mountains, salute to the sea, and bicycle multi-tourism, and look forward to working with APEC economies to create a sustainable and balanced future! In order to create international bicycle routes and special tourism activities, and develop in-depth local bicycle tourism, the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration launched three routes this year, “Guantian Visitor Center to 175 Coffee Road(77K)”, “Guantian Visitor Center to Wusanto Reservoir(23K)”, “Guantian Visitor Center to Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park(10K)”. Whether passed the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, 175 Coffee Highway, or the surrounding water chestnut field roads, Chuanwenshan Ecological Farm and other scenic spots, you could see the unique industry and culture of the Chianan Plain, and then returned to Guantian Visitor Center to enjoy fun activity.

This year, the theme of the Alice in Wonderland Party was combined with the elements of the place name of Guantian, and the event venue was decorated with lovely installation art. At that time, some children walked through it as if they had stepped into a tree hole, and followed the footsteps of the little rabbits to the prairie of the Guantian Visitor Center. Influencers even showed the most attractive poses, and took a photo with Alice on the grassland. The photos filled the capacity of the memory card, in exchange for limited pineapple donuts (Limited to 50 servings per day). For those who have the word "田" in their name, they could get a piece of egg pancakes in the shape of Siraya mascot Sayun or Takaran which the filling was made of water chestnut (Limited to 80 servings per day). There were also different food items on site, such as coffee, drinks, pizza, fried food, desserts, ice products, and sales of local agricultural products. There were also spinning top DIY experience, shuttlecock kicking, lattice jumping, bamboo stilts, etc. The purpose of the activity is to let the participating people have a rich feast. The scene were not only delicious and fun, but also suitable for took pictures. The event also invited charities, "Association Legal Person Tainan Stray Animal Protection Association", "Step30 International Ministries”, welcome to donate your love and used shoes to respond to public welfare and make the world better. As long as you spent NT$50 and you could take the visit park train unlimited times on the day, it would take you around the prairie, through the moat, and went to the installation art area to visit the scenery of the Guantian Visitor Center.

If you don't know where to go during the holiday, I recommend Tainan's most fun "grassland theme party"!
One more day (13th November), come to Guantian Visitor Center and create the best travel memories for each other! The next event will be "2022 Siraya - Mountains to Sea National Greenway Walking Activity" on 3rd December, and the registration has begun, welcome to register online immediately. On 3rd and 4th  December, various wonderful activities such as "Wusantou Exhibition x Market" and "Grassland recital " will be held in Wusantou Reservoir Scenic Area and Guantian Visitor Center, stay tuned!