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Walking along the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, enjoying delicious food and beautiful scenery, everyone was quite enjoyable! On 4th December, we invite you to share memories at the Siraya Guantian Visitor Center.

Siraya National Scenic Area Administration Tourism Bureau, MOTC grandly held the “2022 Touching Siraya - Mountains to Sea Greenway's Channel Road Walking Activity today (3rd December) in Wusanto Reservoir Scenic Area, specially invite baseball players and Rakuten girls from Tainan to come to support and prepare for warm-up exercises. The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Director-General of Bureau of Tourism, Tainan City Government, many guests whistled, at the same time announced the start of the event, more than 500 participants and plebs start a 10-kilometer walk together!

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration indicated that Chianan Irrigation Channel has made great contributions to Taiwan's water conservancy, it continues to nurturing the Chianan Plain and bringing fruitful agricultural development. In recent years, due to the impact of the epidemic, we have begun to explore domestic tourism through low-carbon forms of travel such as bicycles and feet, with the gradual relaxation of epidemic prevention measures and the development of regenerative tourism in the world, we had held a series of activities on the Mountains to Sea Greenway's Channel Road with the purpose of national greenways. We hope that through this way, everyone can understand the important construction and culture within the jurisdiction of the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, and then be proud of these developments!

The first series of activities today (3rd December) - the Channel Road Walking Activity, starting from Wusanto Reservoir and arriving practitioner at the end of the Qiba Tianhou Temple, with a total length of 10 kilometers, in addition to setting up QR code interactive questions and answers along the way, the supply station also provides green peeled mandarin oranges that are in season and local agricultural specialties provided by Greater Siraya Tourism Area practitioner (buckwheat tea, water chestnut tea, pomelo tea, sesame candy, dried mango, dried dragon fruit, mango nougat), came back to the main stage of Wusanto after finishing the walk to enjoy the shocked performance of "Ten Drum Art Percussion Group" and the wonderful performance of East-Art Group, in the market area, there is also the highlight of this event, which is to tasted 10 kinds of special noodles made from local crops in Tainan for free. The delicious food and beautiful scenery made everyone feel that the event was quite worthwhile and enjoyable!

The series is not over yet! Second stage - grass concert will start tomorrow (4th December) at the Siraya Guantian Visitor Center, we specially invite the singer and Kuai Kuai who grew up with you to bring you full memories and return to those years! There is also a parent-child football experience area on site for everyone to respond to the current popular World Cup together and realize their football dreams. 11th  December is the final chapter of the series of activities. We will go to Niupu, Longqi District, which is known for its beautiful landscape paintings and is like returning to ancient historical scenes, at that time, there will be a market for local cultural and creative products and agricultural specialties, don't miss it!