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Paddy fields, water chestnut fields, and bicycles draw out the green skyline of Siraya. Siraya combines "cycling around Taiwan" to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ling-bo Guantian.

In order to publicize Taiwan's bicycle green tourism features, the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration of the Tourism Bureau invited more than 50 bicycle riders to joined the "Taiwan Cycling Tour" organized by the Tourism Bureau of the Ministry of Communications today (12th December). Using the "Circle Cycling Dream APP" to connected with other sections of the road in Taiwan and met up with riders around the island at the square in front of Xintiandi in Liuying, Tainan, and rode the most beautiful cycling route in Siraya with you by cycling, after being led by the director of the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration and a well-known Internet celebrity, the bicycle tour officially started, completing the bicycle route around the island and drawing a map of Taiwan.

The director said that in order to show Guantian’s local enthusiasm, we specially made a water chestnut-shaped headband for the participating riders to took a group photo, today’s riding section is a part of the Ling-bo Guantian Line, about 29.2 kilometers from the starting point Liuying District to the destination Xinshi - Far East University, riders could enjoy the scenery of Siraya Scenic Area while riding. Ling-bo Guantian Line has other scenic spots waiting for you to explore, such as Chishan Longhuyan Temple, Longtian ChaCha Culture Heritage Area, Wusanto Reservoir Scenic Area, etc., and the most beautiful Guantian Visitor Center, it is very suitable for everyone to ride and enjoy Siraya together.

At the same time, in order to make it easier for the public to visit Siraya Scenic Area and ride bicycles to  experience the unique beautiful scenery in the future, there is currently a seasonal itinerary for Siraya with travel agencies, in addition, you can also take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle-Ling-bo Guantian Line, so that you can ride bicycles on some road sections such as the Mountains to Sea National Greenway, Taiwan, Chianan Irrigation Channel Greenway and Ling-bo Guantian Line, etc, and visit the surrounding area of ​​Guantian Visitor Center and Siraya area for in-depth tourism, and cooperate with the electric vehicle industry, so that you can enjoy the pastoral and waterway scenery more leisurely.