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Old Tainan Canal


The "Old Tainan Canal" was built in 1922.Once this decision has been formally announced, Old Tainan Canal will become the 19th national historic spot to be approved by the Ministry of the Interior. The Old Tainan Canal is comprised of many different types of buildings. The materials include western style steel and concrete buildings, as well as red brick buildings, which are both sturdy and attractive.

The canal garden area is divided into two areas, namely the water source area and water treatment area. These areas contain all the facilities and equipment needed to draw, direct, treat and distribute the water. This includes a rooftop water filtration room, which is rare in Taiwan, and very well preserved. Also included are 14 old but extremely well-preserved quick filter cylinders, which were manufactured in England. The pump room contains a mobile crane and vertical axial motor, antique machines rarely seen today.

Old Tainan Canal"