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Guanziling gets listed as the best of Taiwan’s top 10 hot springs in 2018 - special offers are provided from April to Sept.


Guanziling hot springs have just been selected as the best of the Top 10 Taiwan Hot Springs in an activity entitled “2017-2018 Taiwan’s Great Hot Springs” held by the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transport and Communications. Guanziling’s hot springs were discovered in 1898 during the Japanese Rule, and 2018 is the 120th year since the hot spring area was inaugurated. The famous century-old mud hot springs are rare throughout Taiwan. Historically, the springs were hailed as “Taiwan’s best hot springs.”

This time, the Tourism Bureau of Tainan City Government and the Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC work with nine hot spring businesses of Guanziling (New Hongye Hot Spring Resort, Lih Chyuan Hot Spring Resort, Guan-Ling Toong Mao SPA Resort, The King’s Garden Villa, Mutsun Spring Resort, K Spa Hot Spring, Hotel Kuanzuling, Reikei Hot Spring Resort, and Guanling Lin Kuei Yuan Spring Resort) to offer “50% off for hot spring baths and overnight stays on the 1st.” From now until September, 2018, on the 1st, 11th, 21st, and 31st days of a month, a 50% off offer is given to visitors for hot spring baths and/or overnight stays (the details of the offer may differ at each bathhouse / hotel). Moreover, with the coming of the firefly-viewing season, three local businesses (Fun Go House, Ming Yuan Mud Hot Spring House, and Mutsun Spring Resort) and Nanliao Community launched a special plan for visitors. Upon staying overnight in Nanliao, a free firefly-viewing tour is provided. All visitors are encouraged to take hot spring baths and watch fireflies(for April,May) in Guanziling for a great value tour.

Guanziling is also known for a number of scenic spots such as Good Men’s Hill, Huoshan Biyun Temple, Daxian Temple, and Water-and-Fire Spring. Mountain cuisine such as “bucket chicken” is mouth-watering. Coffee Highway 175 meanders through various coffee and longyan farms. Along the highway, cafes and restaurants serve locally produced coffee and longyan cuisine, in addition to holding farming tours. Guanziling has plenty of tourism resources to offer, making it truly worth a visit. The Siraya National Scenic Area Administration cordially invites visitors from at home and abroad to feel the charm of this hundred-year-old town of hot springs, beautiful scenery, and delicious food!

List of special offers







New Hongye Hot Springs Resort 06-6822822

Twin/double or quad room

Breakfast included

50% off for all rooms on weekdays, weekends and holidays

Dinner is free - for guests of double and quad rooms only

Applicable to all days

SPA tickets

Buy 1 get 1 free

Buy 1 get 1 free on weekdays, weekends and holidays during the activity period


Lih Chyuan Hot Spring Resort 06-6822582

Twin/double room




Applicable to all days

Romantic private bath




The King's Garden Villa 06-6822500

Twin/double room

Breakfast included



Mondays to Thursdays only

Guan-Ling Toong Mao
SPA Resort 06-6823456

Public bath




Mondays to Fridays only

Mutsun Spring Resort 06-6823232

Twin/double room

Breakfast excluded


For breakfast, NT$99 per person


  1. Applicable to all days
  2. Free firefly-viewing tours are provided to all overnight guests on weekdays (Mondays -Thursdays

Private bath




K Spa Hot Spring 06-6823099

Twin/double room

Breakfast included

50% off for all rooms on weekdays, weekends and holidays

Free dinner for two

Applicable to all days

Hotel Kuanzuling 06-6822917

Personal / family bath


NT$150 per person


Mondays to Fridays only

Reikei Hot Spring Resort

Private bath for two


NT$800 (twin room)


Applicable to all days

Public baths


NT$200 per person


Guanling Lin Kuei Yuan Hot
Spring Resort 06-6823202

90-min private bath for two



NT$400 per extra 30 minutes

Applicable to  weekdays only

2-hr private bath for two



NT$650 per extra hour

Applicable to  weekdays only



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