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Ice & Fire Summer Festival to kick off in Siraya


Enjoy a unique experience in the scorching hot summer of 2018. Take a mud-spring beauty bath in Guanziling first, and then get a bowl of cooling mango ice in Yujing. Along the way, appreciate Erliao’s summer Sunrise and sea of clouds. All visitors are cordially invited to take a “journey of ice and fire” in Sirarya now.

6,666 pieces of fruits in a bowl: Siraya to break new Guinness World Records with 1,500 kg of mango ice

Taiwan has made quite a few Guinness World Records with the world’s longest cake roll, the longest sub (sandwich), the largest pineapple cake, the largest turtle-shaped red rice cake, the largest Taiwanese meatball, the biggest bowl of stewed pork rice, the largest bowl of shredded chicken rice, etc. This festival is going to take a tough challenge by serving the biggest bowl of ice on a hot summer day. The organizer plans to use 3,333 mango fruits which will be cut into 6,666 pieces, as well as “snowflake ice” and shredded ice, to make a 1,500-kg bowl of mango ice dessert. The staff members needed to make the ice, the amount of ice, the bowl to take the ice, and the scale to weigh the ice will all post challenges. Of course, the organizer must make sure not to let the ice melt soon. The Guinness World Records stipulates that no food must be wasted. Thus, 1,500 guests must be invited to eat the ice together. The Siraya National Scenic Area Administration cordially invites local residents, young and old, as well as visitors from all over the world, to join this magnificent event from 9am to 12pm, July 8, 2018 at Yujing Farmers’ Association, with the presence of a Guinness verification expert!

Summer events will be held from June 30 to Sept. 2, 2018 by four themes. Come to try delicious food, join fun activities and get free gifts!

The main lantern of this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival, “Loyal by Nature,” will be installed at Tsou Ma Lai Farm in Tainan soon. At 18:30, June 30, 2018, a “lighting-up-the-lantern” ceremony will be held. During the festival period, all visitors who were born in the Year of the Dog can get 50% off for the farm’s admission tickets. After 4pm, evening admissions are available at NT$120 per person. On the day of the ceremony, residents of Danei and Yujing can enter the farm for free.

Summer spring
In conjunction with the annual birthday celebrations of the “Fire Lord” of Guanziling, a “mountain cart parade” will be held on Friday Aug. 3, 2018 amid much fanfare. Guanziling’s hot spring bath houses and hotels will continue to give a super-value offer: 50% off for hot spring baths and overnight stays on the 1st, 11th, 21st and 31st days of a month, during the festival period.

Summer trip
Siraya is a mountain area. Its unique landscape is worth a slow visit. During the festival period, by clocking in with photos at Guanziling (for hot spring baths), Erliao (for Sunrise), Yujing (for mango ice at its old streets), and Tsou Ma Lai Farm (for appreciating the lantern-lighting show) and leaving a message at Siraya’s Facebook fan page, visitors can join a prize draw. The prizes include a GoPro camera, Apple AirPods, and wireless bluetooth earphones.