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2019 Siraya Butterfly Theme Park


2019 Siraya Butterfly Theme Park

From Jul 14 on, on the mornings of all weekends, a “butterfly marking-and-setting free” event will be held. The seats are offered on a first come, first served basis and family visitors are especially invited to join this ecological summer activity!

1. Time: Saturdays & Sundays, July 13 – August 25
2. Location: Lingding Park, Guanziling
3. Content: Ecological adventure games, butterfly-ecology chart explanations / guided tours
4. Online reservation is required. The seats are provided on a first come, first served basis
5. A tropical species, Purple Crow Butterfly prefers warm to hot weather. When the temperature drops to 4℃ or lower, it freezes to death. As northeastern monsoon winds blow, the purple crow butterflies around Taiwan move to the south to find a warm valley to spend the winter. When in the spring it becomes warm again, the butterflies go back to the north following the spring’s footsteps, looking for places to breed. To collect data of the butterfly’s migration, our volunteers write down numbers on the butterflies’ wings before setting them free in the wild. Now visitors have a chance to do this, too, and learn more about the species’ ecology.