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With thousand-kilo mango ice, Yujing hits new Guinness World Records


At 09:10 am, July 8, 2018, adjudicator Peter Yang of the Guinness World Records announced that “through people’s hard effort, this bowl of mango ice, weighing 1,554 kilos, broke the previous record of 1,226 kilos in Taipei three years ago.”

The challenge was joined by 12 shaved ice experts and the owners of nine ice shops and three dried-fruit companies. Bags of ice, each weighing 20-30 kilos, were first poured into a 1 meter-tall gigantic container. Then, layers of shaved ice, syrup, and mango were added repeatedly. Finally, on the top, dried fruits and ice cream were placed. Eight people kept stirring the bowl of ice with shovels and spoons. At 8:50 am, the ice weighed 1,400 kilos. By 8:57, it weighed 1,500 kilos. When the adjudicator announced the final result, all of the staff members and a thousand participating members of the public cheered and applauded.

The ice shop and dried-fruit company owners all expressed joy and excitement. Days of preparation and rehearsals paid well. Most importantly, this bowl of mango ice advertised Yujing to the world quite well. It was a sweet and unforgettable experience for all.