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Chinese zither music resonates in memorial park


 Working with Zhi Yue Tang Chinese Zither Hall, Siraya National Scenic Area Administration has just established a center for promoting Chinese zither music amidst the old Japanese wood dormitories of Hatta Yoichi Memorial Park. Visitors are encouraged to explore the music and culture of Chinese zither. It is expect that this project will bring new energy to the historic compound.

Chinese zither is a traditional string instrument. At the Abe Residence in the park, Chinese zither music and its culture will be promoted, and visitors are free to immerse in its artistic charm. People who love Chinese zither may gather up here to make friends, at this lovely home of Chinese zither which dates back to thousands of years ago.

Zhi Yue Tang Chinese Zither Hall will hold exhibitions on Chinese zither and calligraphy/painting/pottery at the center, as well as events and seminars on the studies of Chinese zither and traditional music. Guided tours on Chinese zither music and tea tasting which last 25 to 45 minutes long will be provided to group visitors.