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Taiwan Tourist Shuttle launches a “4+2” special offer


Taiwan Tourist Shuttle is an affordable bus which takes people to all sorts of tourist destinations and the major transport sites, such as THSR stations, Taiwan Railway stations, and bus terminals in Taiwan. For those who prefer not to take long-distance drives or package tours, Taiwan Tourist Shuttle might be the most comfy and suitable way to explore the country.

The Tourism Bureau, MOTC just recently launched “Taiwan Tourist Shuttle 1-day Pass 4+2.” The user may chose four Taiwan Tourist Shuttle routes for the 1-day pass (the routes may be the same, or different) first. Then, two more routes (1-day) will be given for free, although the prices of the free routes must be lower than the purchased ones. Please contact the Bureau’s 24-hour toll-free hotline at 0800-011-765, or go to the visitor centers throughout Taiwan or this website for the special features, routes, and promotions of this plan.