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Check out our firefly-watching special offers


 Check out our firefly-watching special offers
At the turn of spring and summer, fireflies are many. This makes April and May ideal for watching fireflies. Now at Nanliao, a countryside firefly-watching festival is taking place.

Just a 10-min drive away from Nanliao, in Guanziling, delicious traditional food “bucketed chicken” can be enjoyed, along with the world’s third largest mud springs. Visitors can also sip a cup of aromatic Dongshan coffee or ask for good luck from the God of Fire.

The festival runs between April 1 and May 31. During this time, from Mondays to Thursdays, every day, one firefly-watching tour is held. From Fridays to Sundays, every day, three tours are held. Each tour is limited to 300 participants. Meet-up point is Nanliao Community Center. Reservations can be made by phone.

Guanziling’s hoteliers and restaurant owners are giving special offers to visitors of the Nanliao firefly-watching festival. An NT$100 discount is given to each visitor dining at designated restaurants (original full price is NT$150 per person; free for children who are 2 years old or younger). Free firefly-watching tours are provided to overnight hotel guests.