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Enjoy a visual and tasty trip in Meiling


 Stroll Along the Path, Appreciate the Plum Blossom

The plum blossom is in full bloom every year from December till January or February of the following year, the local sign of the coming spring. In Taiwan, appreciating the plum blossom during the winter season has become a grand tour event.

Due to the large number of tourists on the weekend, it is recommended to plan to travel on weekdays.


Meiling Scenic Area is situated on the hill in NanxiDistrict. In previous times, it was well-known for producing a special variety of bananas, and commonly referred to as “Banana Mountain.” Mass production eventually led to an agricultural recession; thus, the banana trees were replaced by plum trees. When the former vice president Xie Dongmin visited this place, he saw that the whole mountain was bursting with plum blossoms, and officially assigned its new name to Meiling (plum peak or plum hill). This is one of Taiwan's largest plum-growing areas.

 Meifeng Ancient Trail was used as the main business path for product delivery between Nanhua and NanxiDistricts. The trail is gently sloped and easy to walk on. Between April and May, this is the ideal place to view millions of fireflies lighting up summer nights. Walking along the way there are scenic attractions.

 Meiling is one of Taiwan’s largest plum-growing areas. As you appreciate the abundant blossoms, don’t miss out on the local dish – boiled chicken with salted plums.

 In addition, Meiling Farm Food Center in Meiling Scenic Area manufactures various plum products such as preserved plums, crispy plums, plum tea, plum powder and plum extract.

 Enjoy a visual and tasty trip in Meiling