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51 May Labor Day Long Weekend 「18 hot spring industries offer many discounts」 And extra travel souvenirs



For people go to outside, get close to nature, to southern Taiwan enjoy famous hot spring, Ministry of Transportation and Communications Tourism Bureau Siraya National Scenic Area Administration launch limited hot spring travel souvenirs specially, present to people who visit Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi hot spring, this time also combine 18 hot spring industries offer hot spring and gourmet coupon, not only relieve pressure and increase immunity of people, but also gulp down local food and walk mountain attractions!

Join Line@ get limited travel souvenirs

   From today, join Line@ of hot spring master, then can get 1 travel souvenir voucher, visitors can use this voucher to get at Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi hot spring area, and travel souvenirs are limited, available until out of stock.

Southern Taiwan Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi 18 hot spring industries offer discounts

   Siraya National Scenic Area Administration launch hot spring and near gourmet discount with Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi hot spring area industries, people can get souvenirs voucher from Line@, and hot spring, accommodation, gourmet coupon. During this activity, there are 18 hot spring industries join together.

Relax in nature and increase immunity of body

   Southern Taiwan 3 famous hot spring areas: Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi, famous for silky quality, many visitors love these hot spring areathere is a famous mud hot spring in Tainan Guanziling, except great hot spring, many mountain views and footpath are around there, for example dadong mountain footpath, xianglu old road under Biyun temple, people also can walk therenow is the season of pink shower tree at Kaohsiung Bolai Flower Park, go to hot spring and see flowers, it’s romantic and leisurelySichongxi hot spring was famous at Japanese rules era, the hot spring full of many mineral and no pollution, after many years, it formed to be a rare flower, it’s hot spring natural treasures, near Checheng Guishan footpath, people must go to Shimen Historic Battlefield.

   There are many different hot spring in Taiwan, at southern Taiwan Guanziling, Bolai, Sichongxi, including mud hot spring, Sodium bicarbonate hot spring, every district is all different ecological geological landscape and historical culture.

Prevent COVID-19, travel safety

   Go out at the weekend, don’t forget keep social distance and wear mask, and wash hand diligently, protect yourself and other people. If any unwell of body, please wear mask and go to hospital, and tell doctor your travel history, contact history! And don’t forget remind your friends, family, people can travel with safety and go home with health.