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Once in a life for greet the Guanyin in Dong Shan French go to hot spring to experience local culture


 Only hot spring in Guanziling? Every year in this season, travel to Guanziling not only go to hot spring, drink Dong Shan coffee, walk Houbi town, but also take part in an annual popular custom event ─「greet the Guanyin in Dong Shan」. Follow the Guanyin to a trail which is obscure, at the last 5 km of the trail, a slope of 45 angle is waited for believers to challenge, believers can feel special cultures in this activity, and more understand the sincere heart of believers to the Guanyin in the process of walking, that’s why the believers who walked before would say must walk once in a life.

「greet the Guanyin in Dong Shan」is a largest annual popular custom event, it started from 160 years ago, still keep original style of temple fair, there are 2 parts of the event 「farewell and greet the Guanyin in Dong Shan」and「greet the Guanyin Parades in Dong Shan」, farewell and greet the Guanyin to Biyun temple on December 23rd of lunar calendar every year, walk along by trail to express the gratitude, and greet the Guanyin back to Bixuan temple on January 10th of lunar calendar next year. This year, the event would start on January 17th, there are more than 5000 believers at Bixuan temple in the early morning, and a French YouTuber Francois Devatine is also in the queue, wish to take whole 5 hours experience to be a special video, let more foreign visitors know Taiwanese culture, after the event, go to Guanziling Hot Spring Area to remove weariness by mud hot spring. If you miss the event, must hold February 3rd (January 10th of lunar calendar) midnight, the event of greet the Guanyin back to Bixuan temple, or want to experience hot spring in Guanziling, don’t miss this tour.
French Youtuber Francois Devatine said:「it’s interesting to experience local culture by himself, this event would be a unforgettable experience.」 The Blogger Poca also join this event, and say this experience is very special, only 5 hours for farewell and greet the Guanyin to Biyun temple, but when you walk on the trail, you can feel different Taiwanese custom culture. Guanziling, which has the most famous mud hot spring, silky mud and relaxing spring, it’s the first choice of southern Taiwan hot spring. Other attractions like DaDong Shan path, Dong Shan coffee road, and urn kiln chicken, come to enjoy a different hot spring tour during New Year vacation.
Greet the Guanyin in Dong Shan pass on more than hundred years, it’s a very important culture property in Taiwan, everybody come to join our event on February 3rd, after that go to Guanziling to enjoy great hot spring and great food in southern Taiwan.