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Come to Siraya to eat mango shaved ice at Yujing Stargaze and watch sunrise at Erliao


 In summer, come to eat shaved ice at Yujing, Siraya Shaved Ice Festival is going to start today, Siraya Administration would celebrate Guinness World Records of Yujing mango shaved ice for second anniversary, we invite VIP guest to make a 1/10 Guinness World Records of Yujing mango shaved ice (15.51 kilo), one step for one person, give different effort to Yujing mango shaved ice, and share happiness for second anniversary Guinness World Records of Yujing mango shaved ice.

This year, Siraya invite 25 pairs of twins to share mango shaved ice together, and prepare 300 mango ice cream for people, the most valued is 500 free coupon of mango shaved ice and mango dried fruit. If you don’t get free coupon, won’t be too sad, we also hold the event on the Internet, from today to 30th August, people come to eat mango ice with friends, upload the photo with more than 3 people and ice to Siraya Facebook Fan Page at the designated post, will have chance to get accommodation vouchers and dried fruit.

After Shaved Ice Festival don’t go home in a rush, the night of 11th July at Erliao, Zoujhen will have an event for stargazing, and we also invite a Chinese band at the ray of sunrise concert on 12th July, to greet the sunrise and sea of clouds in a leisure music, welcome to watch the sunrise and sea of clouds at Erliao sunrise platform.

The director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration says: because of COVID-19, people can’t go to outside, tourism industry is poor performance, domestic epidemic has gradually eased now, Siraya holds many promoted events with communities and business district traders, hope to increase tourism of Siraya’s districts. That’s why Siraya’s summer and autumn events are abundant this year, from 11th July to 6th September, it’s a series event, not only today’s Shaved Ice Festival, but also have 2 stargazing events (11th July and 22nd August), 4 ray of sunrise concert (12th.26th July, 23rd August, and 6th September), otherwise we still have Hou Wangye Festival at Guanziling on 3rd Austgust, we invite everyone come to Siraya for travel.

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