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2020 Siraya Butterfly Park


Every summer vacation, the most popular ecological travel event─Siraya Butterfly Park is starting! Siraya National Scenic Area Administration actively regenerate purple crow butterfly, butterfly ecological event has been held for 10 years, it suits family to join together, welcome to know more about purple crow butterfly in summer vacation.

        Guanziling is the most abundant of Purple crow butterfly in Taiwan, Siraya actively creating purple crow butterfly’s environment at Hongya Park since 2009, planting maintenance and replanting butterfly attracting plants every year, also inviting international volunteer teams to plant butterfly nectar plants, build an ecological environment suitable for butterflies, expand butterflies habitat with local operators in Guanziling from 2018, purple crow butterfly is all around the whole Guanziling area.

        Siraya invited Guanziling operators to plant butterfly nectar plants together this year, and held 「Butterfly Park」event at Lingding Park Guznziling, the event time is every weekends, start from 18th July to 23rd August, all is free. We have professional teacher to introduce the secret of butterflies and larva. Every event day would have a purple crow butterfly marking experience course (reservation required), welcome to view butterfly, soak hot spring, play game, and listen commentary.

        Purple crow butterfly marking experience course: July, August, total 12 days. Internet reservation at 9am on Thursday of the week for marking experience, only marking experience course need to reserve, playing game and ecology commentary don’t need register, if Central Weather Bureau forecasts heavy rain or typhoon, the marking experience will be suspended.