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Family have fun in summer vacation Tainan new attraction Guantian Visitor Center


Tainan new landmark─Guantian Visitor Center has been started! Siraya National Scenic Area Administration built 3 years for Guantian Visitor Center. There is a beautiful exterior for Guantian Visitor Center, special exhibition and VR facility are inside, the grassland also has beautiful large installation art, which is a new attraction that is easy to shoot and fun. We have a series event to celebrate opening, limited key rings, grassland sports, and music festival.

The inside exhibitions of Guantian Visitor Center, presenting a centuries-old bicycles, a special exhibition with a unique retro flavor, is an exhibition curated by Xiao Qingyang, a designer who has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards, with childhood memories and creative energy, and also there are photos exhibition of 4 seasons in Siraya.

A land art is on the grassland “Soaring with happiness” the white skeleton creates a paper crane structure, which naturally blends into the landscape.

Siraya grassland sports is held on 22nd&23rd August, many fun sports, and special experience events you can play, 100 dollars for 1 person, and get voucher for dining cars.

Siraya music festival will hold on 12th September, with a diverse lineup of performance casts, 7 bands will show their music, invite everyone to follow the band to swing, and high together!

Director of Siraya National Scenic Area Administration, said that the newly opened Guantian Visitor Center integrates the building into the hillside landscape and retains most of the green space. It provides a good place for visitors to walk and ride bicycles. In addition to participating in the activities organized by Siraya, the whole family can also take a walk and ride a bicycle together to respond to the new life of epidemic prevention and get out of outdoor exercise and fitness.