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Create a joyful parent-child time It’s at「Siraya of children’s fun」


Siraya National Scenic Area Administration held an activity “Siraya of children’s fun” at Guantian Visitor Center on September 27th, on the day of the activity, we invited a number of VIPs to Siraya Administration, cheer for 400 parent-child players.

「Siraya of children’s fun」combining the most popular children's push bike and parent-child walking to form a two-iron parent-child activity, activities not only train children's healthy physical fitness and cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship, but also allow every child to enter the field of leisure sports with their parents in joy, and enhance the interaction between parents and children.

A child from 2-6 years old and a parent to be a team to participate, 150-meter push bike for children, and 150-meter walking for parent, after completing the children's two-iron parent-child challenge, players can also receive many exquisite gifts. In addition to the parent-child activities, in order to increase the richness and fun of the activities, Siraya arranged the stage performance of "Fun for Children" and the surrounding activities such as "Children's Travel and Food". Attract a lot of family to experience.

The stage performance of "Fun for Children" features storytelling performances by the Apple Theatre, which is suitable for family appreciation. There are clown magic balloon show and Blue Rhapsody performance that children love;In addition to diversified food and special stalls, the "Children's Travel and Food" Grassland Market also has DIY teaching activities launched by local shops, and a variety of grassland activities, allowing adults and children to spend a happy holiday time.

The director of Siraya Administration said parent-child activities was full within 7 days after opening registration. Although this activity is fun, the players are still working hard. Nearly a thousand people poured in. The heroic and cute appearance of the young players sprinting on the court is quite attractive! In addition, Guantian Visitor Center is a great place for family to take a walk and picnic, whether on weekdays or holidays, and it is also a good place for children to play. Welcome to visit Guantian Visitor Center!