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Featured Cuisine

Featured Cuisine

  • President Fish Feast

    President Fish Feast

    Dapu Township, Chiayi County

    Zengwen Reservoir contains abundant fish stocking, including President Fish, Bighead Carp, Marble Goby, Grass Carp, Blunt-snout, Mud Carp, and more, with a total of over thirty kinds. The restaurants nearby obtain materials from local sources and make fish dishes to satisfy customers, in a package set or a lacarte with many different cooking styles. The President Fish, called Quyao Fish in the past, can be found in medium to large size reservoirs in central and southern Taiwan. It has very special taste and was given the name after formal president Chiang Kai-shek once tasted it and became addicted to it.

  • Water Chestnut Feast

    Water Chestnut Feast

    Guantian Dist., Tainan City

    When the water chestnuts are in season, as a kind of refreshing snack, they taste tender and powdery with a sweet starch flavor. Besides regular cooked water chestnuts, Guantian Dist. Farmers' Association presents a "Water Chestnut Feast" which consists of 12 dishes made of various cooking styles such as pan fry, stir fry, deep fry and boil, but every dish uses water chestnuts as one of the ingredients. The versatile flavor of water chestnuts has gained great compliments from the customers and made the Water Chestnut Feast, the most featured local snack from Guantian Dist., well-recognized throughout Tainan.

  • Rice Feast

    Rice Feast

    Liujia Dist., Tainan City

    There are abundant agricultural products in Tainan City and each township has developed its own economic crop and various local snacks. The famous snack "Noodles with Bean Sprouts" in Liujia Dist. simply combines noodles and boiled bean sprouts, topped with special soy sauce for a medium sweet taste. The noodles with bean sprouts, frequently accompanied with a bowl of steaming pig's blood soup, are not only an important snack in Tainan County but also the local's favorite.

  • Zoumalai Grass Feast

    Zoumalai Grass Feast

    Danei Dist., Tainan City

    Accumulating the experiences gained from cultivating pastures, and to cooperate with great local chefs, from studying over a hundred different kinds of pastures to select nine kinds of grasses suitable for human digestion and taste buds, here is the first grass feast in Taiwan. It's available in the restaurant in the farm. Now, eating grass is no longer a privilege of sheep or cows. After carefully cooking, humans can also enjoy the nutrients and great taste. The suitable grasses selected are the Pennisetum, wheat, corn, rice, and sugar cane from the grass family; peanuts, clover and soya beans from the pulse family; and yam from the convolvulaceae. The parts to be used for cooking are bamboo grass, the strain for making dishes, and leaves for making juices or paints, which give an emerald green natural color on steamed buns and dumplings.

  • Fresh Milk Hot Pot

    Fresh Milk Hot Pot

    Liuying Dist., Tainan City

    Because of a surplus of milk and dairy products in Liuying Dist., the local Farmers' Association has been experimenting with blending milk in the soup-stock in hot pots and saving it from the wasteful pity of being poured into river. After a brainstorm session, and a borrowed solution from the popular Shabu Shabu to use ingredients including cabbages, Flammulina velutipes, sliced meat, clams, fresh shrimps and more, are being cooked in milk and soup stock. Milk hot pot is currently available in the Liuying Farmers' Association Restaurant, and the restaurants inside the cattle farming region such as Balaoye Farm and Yingchang Farm. The Farmers‘Association participated in the Nanying Classic Gourmet Food Contest held by the Dist. Cultural Bureau and was selected as the most characteristic local delicacy. Visitors travel to Liuying Dist. must try their famous milk hot pot.

  • Mango Feast

    Mango Feast

    Yujing Dist., Tainan City

    Yujing is the home of Taiwan's mango, with a plantation of over 2000 hectares, and a production of over 10,000 tons. The variety cultivated is mostly "Aiwan Mangos." Its quality has been upgraded in recent years under new growing technology promoted by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan. Now "Aiwan Mangos" are exported to other Southeast Asian nations to expand the international market. Its season is from April to September, with the peak in July and August.Every year, the Yujing Farmers' Association hosts a month-long "Mango Season," and local restaurants use mango in cooking to present a healthy diet in the "Mango Feast."

  • Lotus Seed Feast

    Lotus Seed Feast

    Baihe Dist., Tainan City

    There are many restaurants in Baihe Dist. that present the Lotus Flower Feast according to the season of lotus flowers or lotus roots. But many of these restaurants only open seasonally. Visitors should contact and plan their trips in advance. Besides, local farmers also use lotus flowers, seeds and roots as the ingredients to make various snacks, such as aqua-fire sweet lotus pie, lotus pastries, lotus red bean jelly, lotus cake, lotus flower tea, lotus root flour, and lotus root tea. Each of them provides its own subtle taste. During the lotus flower season, the related merchandise is available as great souvenirs, and should not be missed.